Real-Time Fax Status

Track the progress & delivery of your faxes

Download transmission receipts for record-keeping

Receive email notifications for inbound and outbound fax behaviour

Request fax confirmation to ensure successful fax delivery

Real-Time Fax Status


Follow your fax status from sending to delivered

Track your fax journey in real time

iFax allows you access details on every activity on your business faxes, including verifying that the correct recipient received your fax.

There are two ways to monitor the progress of your online faxes:

Real-time Fax status: Real-time updates can be viewed from the dashboard immediately after sending a fax.

Transmission receipts: The transmission receipt is viewable once the fax is marked as delivered or failed, after which you can view and download it.

Check the progress of your fax transmissions

A fax status shows the progress of the transmission. You will see a small check sign under the Fax Delivery Status column whenever you send a fax. Your online fax will go through these stages:

  1. The gray check mark signifies that iFax already sent the document. When you hover over the status to see your sent fax progress, you will also see the cancel button. You can still cancel it at this stage since iFax hasn’t delivered it yet.
  2. You’ll see a green check mark when the fax has been delivered and confirmed. It may take about a few seconds before it changes to Delivered. Once you see this status, the transmission is irreversible.

On iFax, you can also troubleshoot any problems during the transmission process.

Real-Time Fax Status

Troubleshoot failed fax transmissions

Experience seamless fax transmissions free of disruptions caused by server issues, power outages, or overloaded phone lines. With our online fax service, sending a fax is easier and faster than ever. And if a fax transmission ever fails, we have the tools to help you deal with the problem.

Notify the recipient via email to inform them of any issue, and resend the fax at a more convenient time.

With iFax, you would know the status of every fax you send, so there is no need for second-guessing.

Track all your outgoing fax status in real-time
With iFax, you'll never have to wonder where your faxes went.