Real-Time Fax Status

Track the progress & delivery of your faxes

Download transmission receipts for record-keeping

Receive email notifications for inbound and outbound fax behaviour

Request fax confirmation to ensure successful fax delivery

Real-Time Fax Status


Track your fax status from
sending to delivery and beyond.

Real-time fax tracking

iFax provides comprehensive details on every business fax activity, including verifying that the correct recipient received your fax. Monitor your online faxes through two methods:

  1. Real-time Fax Status: Instantly view updates on fax progress from the dashboard immediately after sending.

  2. Transmission Receipts: Access the transmission receipt upon marking the fax as delivered or failed, allowing you to view and download it for detailed tracking.

Easily Monitor Your Fax Transmissions

Tracking your fax transmissions is straightforward with iFax. The Fax Delivery Status column features a small check sign indicating the transmission progress. Witness your online fax navigate through these stages:

  • Gray Check Mark: Denotes that iFax has sent the document. At this point, you can still cancel the fax as it has yet to be delivered.
  • Blue Check Mark: Shows the fax is on its way and pending delivery. It highlights the ongoing process.
  • Green Check Mark: Appears when the fax is delivered and confirmed. After a few seconds, it transitions to “Delivered,” marking the transmission as irreversible.

Explore the option to troubleshoot any transmission issues directly within the iFax platform. Streamline your fax tracking for a seamless experience.

Real-Time Fax Status

Resolve issues with failed fax transmissions, effortlessly.

Enjoy uninterrupted fax transmissions with iFax, even in the face of server issues, power outages, or overloaded phone lines. Our online fax service ensures you are in the loop throughout the faxing process. We provide the necessary tools to address the issue in the rare event of a failed transmission.
Notify the recipient via email about any problems and conveniently resend the fax at a more suitable time. With iFax, you stay informed about the status of every fax, eliminating the need for second-guessing. Experience reliable and efficient faxing with our comprehensive troubleshooting solutions.

Stay updated on the live status of all your sent faxes.
With iFax, you'll never have to wonder where your faxes went.