CocoFax vs eFax

CocoFax vs eFax

The main difference between CocoFax and eFax is pricing. CocoFax starts at $4.99 per month and comes with 60 pages. Meanwhile, eFax is billed annually at $15.79 per month for a total of 200 pages but comes with an additional $10 setup fee.

CocoFax and eFax Comparison

eFax vs CocoFax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions


Setup Fee











CocoFax vs eFax

CocoFax vs eFax? Find out the key differences in features and see which fax service suits your needs best.


CocoFax employs a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and two-factor authentication to ensure the complete privacy of sensitive data. Also, its dedicated team of analysts constantly checks for bugs and system security vulnerabilities. This enables them to address potential threats and breaches before the problem escalates.

As for eFax, your documents remain confidential with the help of secure 256-bit fax encryption. You can also activate the Enhanced Security option to prevent receiving spam emails. Plus, it hosts all inbound faxes on a secure server, adding another layer of security.

User Experience

Generally easy to use, CocoFax has a well-designed interface with clear instructions to guide you through sending faxes. It makes it easy for you to figure out its basic functions. Plus, it offers the convenience of faxing online from anywhere through its web and mobile apps.

Meanwhile, eFax offers a convenient web portal and mobile app. It makes faxing effortless, freeing you from the hassle of operating bulky machines. All it takes is to fax your documents directly using your laptop or phone. Plus, eFax gives you the option to receive faxes as email attachments.

HIPAA Compliance

CocoFax and eFax are HIPAA-compliant online fax providers capable of handling faxes consisting of sensitive health information. With CocoFax, covered entities can send and receive faxes while adhering to HIPAA rules concerning patient privacy. On top of that, it has features that restrict user access to confidential faxes. 

As for eFax, it utilizes the most advanced encryption over an IP network during fax transmissions. Its Corporate users can also request a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and gain access to essential HIPAA features (i.e., audit logs). Moreover, it promotes outsourcing fax processes to eliminate the use of in-house fax hardware that can expose sensitive data.


CocoFax offers a digital signature feature with automatic reminders sent to every intended user who hasn’t signed the document. Users can save signed copies as templates or create new ones from scratch. Also, it lets you send signature requests in bulk without manually typing every email.

Meanwhile, eFax allows you to sign documents quickly through its Finger Swipe technology. Or, you can drag and drop a previously saved electronic signature on the field where you’re supposed to sign. Regardless of the method, you can count on this fax service to have critical faxes signed without using another app or eSigning tool.

CocoFax vs eFax

Fax Numbers

All CocoFax plans include one free local or toll-free number. Plus, it supports number porting, which lets you keep your existing number, saving you from the trouble of updating existing contacts.

With the CocoFax alternative, eFax, you can get a local, toll-free, international fax number depending on your needs. You may also keep your existing numbers for hassle-free transactions.

Fax Status Monitoring

If you like to see how your fax went, CocoFax allows you to track the status of your transactions. You can view the fax status on your dashboard or via email. In your outbox, you’ll find all your successful faxes, plus you’ll receive a confirmation message. You can also activate the email notification option to get real-time updates. 

As for eFax, you can check the eFax activity log or delivery status report. It provides a detailed digital log of outgoing and incoming fax transmissions. This way, you can track every fax sent and received, a crucial factor for ensuring smooth and secure communications.


CocoFax integrates with popular platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Suite, and Slack. It allows seamless and efficient workflows, so you don’t have to switch between apps to accomplish specific tasks. Meanwhile, its programmable API allows for effortless integrations with custom software and applications.

The same goes for eFax. If you are subscribed to eFax Corporate, you can use its API to integrate faxing capabilities into existing systems. Moreover, its cloud storage capability lets you fax any document from anywhere simply by pulling the file from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud folder.

Pricing and Plans

Starting at $4.99 per month, Lite is the cheapest offering of CocoFax, which already comes with free fax numbers, unlimited storage, fax to email and vice versa, 24/7 customer support, and 60 pages per month with an additional cost of $0.2 for extra pages. Other plans include Basic for $9.99, Premium for $16.99, and Business for $24.99. 

As for eFax, the Pro plan is priced at $15.79 per month and billed annually. This comes with 200 pages each for sending and receiving faxes. However, this fax service asks for an additional $10 setup fee. For scalable page volumes, HIPAA compliance, and API access, eFax offers its Corporate plan with customized pricing that meets your specific needs and requirements.

CocoFax vs eFax

Comparing CocoFax and eFax: The Verdict

From digitally signing documents to integrating faxing with existing systems, CocoFax and eFax offer almost the same features. Still, the difference is apparent. 

At similar prices, you can avail more fax pages with CocoFax than with eFax. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that eFax has already established its reputation as a reliable and trusted fax provider for businesses of all sizes. It can also cater to organizations handling faxes of larger volumes.

iFax: The Best Alternative to CocoFax and eFax

If choosing between CocoFax and eFax leaves you at a loss, consider a third option. An excellent alternative to these two fax services is iFax.

Here are some of the features of iFax that can help take your business to the next level:

  • Bulk faxing: Sort contacts into lists and send targeted messages to boost reach and increase engagement.
  • eSignature integration: Instead of paying for another service to sign documents, you can use iFax’s built-in eSignature tool.
  • Branded company fax page: Have your customers contact you via fax using their personal computer, smartphone, or laptop.
  • Team collaboration: Seamlessly work with colleagues and restrict user permissions based on roles to prevent unauthorized access.

Sign up with iFax today to leverage all these features and more.

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