fax.to vs ifax fax api

Fax.to vs iFax API Fax Service Comparison

The main difference between Fax.to and iFax’s Fax API is cost-effectiveness. iFax makes its programmable API available on a subscription basis, making it more affordable than Fax.to’s pay-as-you-go pricing. You also get a free API test key for your staging environment.

Fax.to and iFax Comparison of API Features

iFax vs Fax.to


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

256-bit Encryption

High-volume faxing

Customer Support





24/7 live chat






Contact Form

Fax.to vs iFax API Fax Service Comparison

Let’s take a detailed look and compare the API capabilities of iFax vs Fax.to:


iFax’s Pro plan, at only $25 per month, already includes access to its programmable Fax API, enabling you to integrate fax online functionalities into existing systems. On top of that, it offers a 7-day free trial, giving you plenty of time to test the API out and see if it meets your requirements. You also get two months free by choosing to subscribe annually.

Meanwhile, Fax.to’s pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to pay only for what you use without making monthly commitments. Note that its rates per page vary depending on the destination country, but it offers discounts for high-volume fax API usage. For example, using its Fax API to send faxes in the US will cost you $0.10 per page.


Both the iFax and Fax.to APIs are secure. iFax, for example, uses robust authentication measures to establish connections. Each API call also requires a specific HTTP method to indicate the type of operation to be performed. Access tokens are also unique to each user, providing an additional layer of security. Additionally, all fax transmissions that go through iFax via API are encrypted with the highest level of encryption, so they remain protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Fax.to, on the other hand, uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to safeguard the communication between its Fax API and your existing system. The online fax provider also has built-in redundancy, meaning it has backup systems in place to ensure reliability and availability. 

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Fax.to vs iFax API Fax Service Comparison


Both iFax and Fax.to are HIPAA and GDPR-compliant. The two online fax API providers also adhere to strict regulations and industry standards to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive information. They also implement the necessary safeguards and protocols to protect all faxes stored and transmitted against data breaches.


Both iFax and Fax.to can seamlessly implement fax capabilities into existing workflows, which is possible through their programmable Fax REST APIs. 

With iFax, you can configure its API to make calls to send faxes, receive faxes, and even do a fax number search. It has provided detailed documentation about its request and response formats, making it easy for you to integrate fax functionality into EMR/EHR systems, medical and billing software, CRM software, and other business apps that support integrations via API. 

For Fax.to, you can do the same. The online fax service provider has also made its API codes available for developers to view and access on GitHub.

API Requests

While both iFax and Fax.to use REST API, the type of requests you can make differ. For example, iFax provides more extensive features for managing fax numbers, including searching, purchasing, and deleting numbers. 

For sending and receiving faxes, you can make requests for:

  • Creating fax
  • Resending fax
  • Viewing fax status
  • Cancelling a fax
  • Deleting a fax
  • Viewing received fax lists
  • Deleting a received fax
  • And more

Fax.to, on top of its standard fax sending and receiving requests, allows its API to deploy requests for additional actions like generating fax previews, displaying fax history, and showing cash balance.


iFax ensures successful transmissions with fewer interruptions. When using its API to fax from your existing software or application, you can also have it display the fax status so you’ll know whether the document has been successfully delivered. If a delivery fails, you can configure the API to resend the fax or cancel it altogether.

Fax.to’s functions similarly in such a way that it also lets you configure its Fax API to display the fax status and history. On top of this, it also enables you to create a request to delete the file you uploaded after sending the fax.

Fax.to vs iFax API Fax Service Comparison

Customer Support

iFax provides an online FAQs page, complete documentation, and a webpage for anyone who needs assistance regarding its developer API and fax functionality integrations. Pro subscribers also benefit from its 24/7 live chat and phone support.

Fax.to has a contact form for any faxing or API-related queries. You can also reach out to their support team via email. And like iFax, its API documentation is publicly available online.

Comparing Fax.to and iFax: Which Fax API Provider Is Good For You?

Fax.to vs iFax? When integrating online fax capabilities into your existing workflow, you can count on these two services to deliver. Their programmable APIs are designed to seamlessly integrate with your systems, allowing you to send and receive faxes directly from your applications. 

 Still, iFax has the edge, mainly because of its flexible pricing that caters to your changing requirements. You can leverage its Fax API capabilities without breaking the bank. Our online fax service lets you streamline communication tasks and increase productivity without incurring excessive costs. 

So, take advantage of this limited opportunity to try iFax’s inexpensive and efficient Fax API solution. 

Request a free demo or contact our sales team to discuss pricing and plans. 

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