FaxBB vs iFax

The main difference between FaxBB and iFax’s fax broadcasting service that iFax lets you send broadcast faxes according to your monthly fax page allocations, while FaxBB allows you to pay for the exact number of fax pages you need.

faxbb vs ifax

Why businesses choose
iFax over FaxBB

Easy to Use

Upload contact lists in bulk and send personalized messages to all recipients without manually typing.

Dependable Pricing

For just $25 per month, get 1,000 fax pages and unlimited local or international fax broadcasting.

Fully Compliant

Ensure secure bulk fax transmission, complying with federal laws, including the ECPA, HIPAA, and GLBA.

iFax VS FaxBroadcasting.org

 Price per pageHIPAA Compliance256-bit EncryptionModern InterfaceMail Merge

Deep dive into features, pricing, and overall
functionality of iFax and FaxBB

FaxBB vs iFax

iFax is easier to use

Sending fax broadcasts through iFax does not require any complicated and time-consuming setups. Its intuitive web dashboard makes it easy for everyone to broadcast faxes without extensive training or technical knowledge. The broadcast fax service also provides helpful tooltips to guide users throughout the process, ensuring a seamless experience. 

FaxBB, on the other hand, offers a straightforward process for sending fax broadcasts. On the downside, its user interface is still stuck in the past. Some users may find it less visually appealing or intuitive, but its fast fax delivery system compensates for its outdated design elements.

“Fax is critical these days since privacy is a priority. This is the easiest way to achieve that I’ve found. Ease of use is the most important to me. It works with my MFC – L3770CDW Brother printer.”
Nosser Dean N., Attorney

Fax Broadcasting

Fax broadcasting is all about efficiency and reach. Whether your purpose is faxing reports, newsletters, business updates, or promotional materials, it all boils down to whether you can do it in the least amount of time and effort. 

With iFax, there’s no question about its capability to send fax broadcasts. It allows multi-page faxing to a large number of audience, which you can sort based on interests, demographics, etc. You can also upload unlimited document attachments of various formats (e.g., PDF, PNG, DOCX) per fax.

As for FaxBB, you can fax PDFs or JPEG files. This service also supports multi-page faxing, saving you from the hassle of merging separate pages into single files.

“Our organization has been using this iFax service for a few months now, and it has been working very well. The customer service team are excellent, they have been very helpful in explaining our usage and how we can benefit from upgrading to a better package that will cost us less instead of trying to sell us more than we need.”
Shamin R.
Digital Marketing Mentor
FaxBB vs iFax
FaxBB vs iFax

Mail Merge and Fax Personalization

Personalization in fax broadcasting helps establish a personal connection with your clients or customers. It increases conversions and brand recall, a feature that iFax perfectly embodies through its custom fields, merge tags, and other personalization options. You can even change your cover sheet templates to suit your brand guidelines. 

Another thing worth noting about iFax is that it’s flexible enough to suit your evolving campaign and marketing needs. You can also add your company or business logo, set your desired document size, add a HIPAA badge, or set the fax resolution to the highest quality.

Meanwhile, FaxBB is ideal for delivering successful campaigns to targeted groups of people. It also supports personalization through mail merge, which allows you to add dynamic fields to fax broadcasts. Such an option makes it possible to pull out specific information like names from your contacts lists and incorporate them into your campaign or newsletter messages.

“Overall, iFax is easy to use, and I like it. I work in the health industry. It is important for me to have software with HIPAA compliance. It is worth to pay money to be compliant.”
Natsumi M. Business Owner


Aside from being HIPAA-compliant, iFax also complies with other industry and federal regulations, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Junk Fax Protection Act. Using our service provides assurance that you can send fax broadcasts without violating any legal requirements.

Likewise, FaxBB is a broadcast fax solution that complies with HIPAA. This Canada-based service also aligns with other privacy and anti-spam regulations.

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent. My team and I always get great support from the team whenever an issue needs to be dealt with.”
John M., CIO (Medical Practice)
FaxBB vs iFax
FaxBB vs iFax

Pricing and Plans

The cost of sending fax broadcasts using iFax is as low as $0.01 per page. It doesn’t matter what plan or subscription you have, but note the limitations in fax pages to avoid disruptions. For an uninterrupted experience, choosing the Pro plan is always ideal. For just $25 monthly, you can fax 1000 pages and even scale it up depending on your growing demands. 

It’s also worth noting that iFax won’t charge any setup fee for fax broadcasting.

For FaxBB, the price depends on the number of pages you choose, regardless of the duration. However, do note that prices may vary per country or destination. For example, the cost of 1000 pages is 25 CAD if you’re only faxing within Canada. That’s roughly 2.5¢ per page, but if you fax internationally (i.e., Australia), the service will charge you $0.03 per page. On a good note, it won’t charge for failed faxes. You only get charged for every successful fax sent.

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent. My team and I always get great support from the team whenever an issue needs to be dealt with.”
John M., CIO (Medical Practice)

Which is the better option for fax broadcasting?

Comparing the fax broadcasting features of iFax vs FaxBB, deciding which one is better depends on how you want to send out your campaigns and achieve success by reaching your target audience effectively. Pricing also plays a critical role since it will impact the number of pages you can send monthly and the types of features you can access.

While FaxBB offers an excellent overall option with its volume pricing and industry-compliant solution, iFax is far better, especially if you want unparalleled fax broadcasting that drives results. With our cloud-based service, you can easily manage and track the success of your campaigns in real-time. You can also access advanced features such as fax scheduling and list segmentation without paying extra. 

Why settle when you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional campaigns by choosing iFax?

“Overall experience is amazing. We are not submitting documents to government agencies as they are completed without waiting weeks for the mail service to deliver them. Clients lives will be greatly impacted for the better as this has cut out waiting time. The ease of setup and the ability to send fax directly from my computer without having a dedicated phone line.”
Phillip B. Team Leader (Non-Profit)

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“I compared the most popular online fax services iFax is overall the best value and feature-rich!”

“Great customer service! The Google Workspace integration has been great for our organization. Everyone likes it compared to our previous service.”

Reasons for Choosing iFax: Best value and features

Omar C., IT Expert (Non-Profit)