FaxCore vs InterFAX

FaxCore is mainly a fax server application with digital and analog capabilities, including API faxing, email to fax, and fax via MFP. InterFAX, on the other hand, is a web-based fax service with a free developer API.

FaxCore vs InterFAX


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FaxCore vs InterFax: Fax Service Comparison

FaxCore vs InterFAX

Pricing and Plans

FaxCore delivers fax solutions at an enterprise level, tailored to the specific requirements of companies and businesses. To know the cost of its services, you must request a custom quote so the company can consider the number of users, average monthly fax volumes, additional fax features, and other factors.

Meanwhile, InterFAX offers transparent pricing as a FaxCore alternative. You can select from prepaid faxing packages costing $10, $50, $100, $250, or $500. Discounts are more extensive for larger prepaid plans, and the cost per page varies depending on the country. Sending a fax to the US costs around 0.118 a page. If you also need to receive faxes, InterFAX offers a separate subscription plan. Toll-free and local number costs vary depending on the country and state. InterFAX also includes a one-time setup fee of $12.95 for United States users.

FaxCore and InterFax comply with HIPAA and signs a BAA

If you need a HIPAA-compliant fax service with a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA), FaxCore or InterFAX can do the job. They have enhanced privacy features that ensure your faxes remain secure and confidential. Both providers also boast features that align with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

FaxCore vs InterFAX
FaxCore vs InterFAX

Both fax services deploy their solutions differently

FaxCore is a flexible fax server application capable of supporting analog, digital, or FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol). You can deploy it on-premise, as a partially cloud-based hybrid with the etherFax fax modem, or as an entirely cloud-based solution. Sending faxes is possible through various ways, including traditional or digital phone lines, VoIP PBX, email, a multifunctional printer (MFP) connector, the FaxCore printer driver, or a web browser. 

InterFAX is an online fax service that allows you to send faxes using an API or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) without additional hardware or software installations. SMTP lets you send email to fax documents with plain text messages or attachments in different formats, such as HTML, Microsoft Word, PDF, and more. Users that need PCI compliance should not send InterFAX email-to-fax. Instead, the InterFAX team will change your setup to a different sub-system.

InterFAX and FaxCore lack mobile fax apps

Neither InterFAX nor FaxCore enables faxing through dedicated mobile apps. You can only access the platforms via its fax API or as a web application. However, you can still enjoy mobile faxing with InterFAX or FaxCore using your email app or by logging in to your account through a mobile web browser.

They also lack features for fax document signing

Unfortunately, digital signatures are not included in InterFAX features.

FaxCore is also not a suitable alternative to InterFAX in this regard either. You need to use a third-party app to sign your faxes before uploading them to either platform’s fax service.

FaxCore and InterFAX have free programmable APIs

FaxCore and InterFAX provide a free programmable APIs so you can integrate faxing into existing EHR, EMR, or CRM systems. 

FaxCore also offers a sample code and free assistance when using its REST API. 

Meanwhile, InterFAX provides API testing to developers at no cost. The InterFAX API uses the REST and SOAP communication protocols.

Unlike FaxCore, InterFAX is transparent with its fax broadcasting limit

InterFAX offers generous fax limits for fax broadcasting. You can send to a maximum of 500 email-to-fax recipients. You can also send to a maximum of 20,000 recipients when faxing via lists or submission via web service. Fax attachments should not exceed 100 pages and 20 MB fax attachments. If the email is electronically signed, fax attachments should not exceed 10MB.

Meanwhile, FaxCore doesn’t disclose its fax broadcasting capabilities online. 

Both fax services have many means to track your fax status

InterFAX offers different ways to check and monitor the status of a sent fax. You can receive a confirmation email, check the status through the InterFAX Web Service, or view the outbound fax queue on the web-based user administration screens.

FaxCore also sends fax notifications to its users. The platform lets you know if faxes are successfully or unsuccessfully sent and received.

Choosing between FaxCore and InterFax

The choice between FaxCore or InterFAX depends on the deployment model you need. If you want analog capabilities or prefer using the EtherFAX modem, then choose FaxCore. However, if you only need an online fax solution with a powerful fax API, then InterFAX is a suitable choice. That said, FaxCore also offers a cloud-based solution, so it would be good to compare costs first.

iFax is a feature-rich alternative to
FaxCore and InterFAX

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Mobile Faxing

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