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Bulk Fax Blasting Tips and Best Practices: A Quick Guide

Bulk fax blasting, also known as fax broadcasting, is the process of sending a large number of faxes to multiple recipients at once. This faxing feature has been around for decades, but it has evolved with the advent of new technology.

In the past, fax blasting was done using traditional fax machines, requiring you to send each fax individually manually. With online faxing, you can now send a fax blast with just a few clicks.

In this article, we will explore the basics of broadcast faxing, including its many different uses, its advantages, and bulk fax blasting tips.

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The Different Uses of Bulk Fax Blasting

Bulk fax blasting can be used for a variety of purposes by businesses. Some potential uses of fax blasting for businesses include:


Bulk fax blasting is an effective marketing tool if you want to reach a large, targeted audience quickly and efficiently. You can use this feature to send promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, and advertisements directly to potential customers.

This can be especially useful for businesses that offer products or services that interest a specific group of people, such as doctors or lawyers.

Customer communication

Given today’s highly competitive business environment, you need to make sure that you stay in touch with your customers. This helps foster brand loyalty and enables you to build a stronger relationship with your market.

One of the easiest bulk fax blasting tips is to use this feature to send important information, such as updates, announcements, and invoices, to your customers. For example, you could send a fax to all your customers in a particular city, offering them a special discount or promotion.

Human resources

Online faxing isn’t just useful for external communication. You can also use it within your organization.

HR departments can use bulk fax blasting to send important announcements, such as policy updates or changes, to all employees. This faxing feature is also handy for disseminating documents like information forms and registration sheets.

bulk fax blasting

The Benefits of Broadcast Faxing

Before we get into some of our top bulk fax blasting tops, let’s take a look at how this faxing feature can help with your business.


Fax broadcasting can be more affordable than other forms of advertising, such as TV or radio commercials. That’s because it allows businesses to reach a large audience for a fraction of the cost.


Online faxing technology has made it so quick and easy for you to send faxes in bulk. With just a few clicks, you can send information almost instantly. There’s no need to wait for the information to be physically delivered or mailed.


You can create as many broadcast lists as possible to ensure that you can send the most personalized messages to your audience. This feature allows you to target your marketing efforts to specific demographics or industries. For example, you can market a product or service that interests doctors or lawyers by sending faxes to those groups.

Measurable results

Fax broadcasting allows businesses to track the success of their marketing efforts, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their marketing strategies. These data can provide valuable insights to ensure that your next campaign will be even more successful.

bulk fax blasting

The Dos and Don’ts of Broadcast Faxing

By following these dos and don’ts, businesses can use broadcast faxing as a valuable tool for reaching their target audience while respecting recipients’ privacy and preferences.


Obtain permission from the recipient before sending a fax

Make sure to get explicit permission from the recipient before sending a fax. This is important to avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited faxes, known as “junk faxes.”

Include an opt-out mechanism

Provide an easy way for recipients to unsubscribe from future faxes by including an opt-out mechanism, such as a phone number or email address, in the fax.

Follow all relevant laws and regulations

Comply with laws and regulations that apply to fax broadcasting, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States. This helps protect your company from legal consequences and customer complaints.

Personalize your faxes

Make your faxes more effective by personalizing them for your target audience. This could include using the recipient’s name, targeting the fax to a specific industry or demographic, and tailoring the message to the recipient’s interests or needs.

Track the success of your fax blasts

It can be helpful to keep a record of your fax blasts, including the date and time that the fax was sent, the number of recipients, and the response rate. Use metrics such as the open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate to track the success of your fax blasts and make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategies.


Send unsolicited or unwanted faxes

Junk faxing can be annoying and disruptive for recipients. But more than being a nuisance, it’s illegal in many jurisdictions worldwide. As much as you want to reach a wider audience, make sure that you get your recipients’ permission before including them in your broadcast list.

Send confidential or sensitive information via fax

Businesses should take appropriate measures to protect sensitive or confidential information and ensure that it is not included in fax broadcasts. Make sure to comply with all laws and regulations related to personal data protection.

Use a low-quality fax broadcasting service

Bulk fax blasting is already a more cost-efficient communication method that allows you to reach a wider audience. Don’t scrimp on your online faxing service. This could not only result in poor delivery rates or other issues, but it could also compromise your security.

bulk fax blasting

Bulk Fax Blasting Tips for a Hassle-Free Experience

The beauty of broadcast faxing is that it doesn’t require any complicated and highly technical process. To ensure a smooth delivery, here are some tried-and-tested bulk fax blasting tips.

  1. Use an online fax service. Online fax services allow you to send and receive faxes via the internet, which can be more convenient and cost-effective than traditional fax machines.
  2. Choose a reliable fax service. Make sure to choose a provider with a good reputation and a wide array of faxing features. This will help to ensure that your faxes are delivered successfully.
  3. Make sure your faxes are well-written and visually appealing. This will help to ensure that your message is effectively communicated. It also increases the likelihood of your transmission being read by the recipient.
  4. Use a fax cover sheet. A fax cover sheet can help identify the sender and recipient and provide a brief summary of the contents of the fax.
  5. Test your faxes before sending them. It’s a good idea to do a trial transmission to ensure that they are formatted correctly and that all the information is accurate.

Try Bulk Fax Blasting Using iFax

With iFax, you can enjoy a myriad of features that can truly add a lot of value to your business. Not only does it offers a more efficient and streamlined means of document transmission, but you can also use it as an effective communication marketing tool.

Our broadcast faxing functionality allows you to send a single message to multiple recipients all in one go. All you need to do is create a broadcast list, and you can quickly send a fax blast in just a few clicks. It’s so easy.

What makes our online faxing solution a go-to for many businesses is that we put the security of your data at the forefront of our service. Regardless if you send a fax to a single recipient or to hundreds of them, you’ll never have to worry about breaches and unauthorized access. We use military-grade encryption to keep everything protected.

You can also create smart folders to keep your transmissions organized. Our cross-platform application makes it possible for you to send and receive faxes from any mobile device. And finally, we comply with industry standards and international regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Sign up with iFax to access our other features. Book a demo today.

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