Comparing CocoFax vs FaxCore

CocoFax vs FaxCore

The main difference between CocoFax and FaxCore is their deployment model. FaxCore, a fax server app, offers on-premise, cloud, and hybrid fax solutions that allow for both local installation and remote access. CocoFax is specifically a cloud-based fax solution.

CocoFax vs FaxCore Comparison

FaxCore vs CocoFax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

Mobile Apps













CocoFax vs FaxCore

Sending and Receiving Faxes

As a fax server application, FaxCore offers a flexible solution that supports analog, digital, or FoIP deployments. It can send faxes over traditional and digital phone lines and integrate with VoIP PBXs. FaxCore provides several methods to route inbound faxes. 

These methods include but are not limited to:

  • DID, which allows for the direct routing of inward-directed calls to a specific fax machine
  • CSID, which matches a Fax ID to a recipient
  • Line routing, which assigns physical fax lines to a user or group

At the same time, FaxCore allows users to send faxes in multiple ways. You can send faxes through any email client, printer driver, an MFP connector, Microsoft Outlook, or its web client accessible through a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari. 

As an alternative to FaxCore, CocoFax provides a purely cloud-based solution without the need for traditional phone lines. It’s a flexible platform that does away with costly fax machines. You can send or receive faxes using Google Workspace apps (Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Sheets), email, desktop, or mobile devices. 


CocoFax uses advanced security measures to safeguard faxes. It protects data using 256-bit AES encryption, vulnerability testing, two-factor authentication, biometric security, web application firewalls, and DDoS protection. Moreover, it stores data in secure Swiss data centers.

FaxCore is a suitable alternative to CocoFax when it comes to data security. It tracks incoming and outgoing faxes, automatically archives them, and allows only authorized users to search stored documents. According to FaxCore, it uses multi-level encryption as part of its security approach modeled after the National Security Agency.

API and Developer Support

FaxCore provides a free REST API, making adding faxing features to any application easy. You can integrate FaxCore into EHR and EMR systems for fast and easy faxing in healthcare facilities. 

Similarly, CocoFax also offers an API that supports seamless fax integrations with existing apps and systems. However, its functions are limited to sending faxes, viewing the fax status, canceling a fax, or uploading a file. 

CocoFax vs FaxCore


Both FaxCore and CocoFax offer useful integrations with other applications. 

CocoFax provides a Google Workspace add-on and supports no-code integration with Microsoft and Slack. Meanwhile, FaxCore directly integrates with Microsoft applications like Microsoft 365, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server without the need for additional connectors. 

Fax Numbers and Number Porting

As a fax server, FaxCore doesn’t offer fax numbers for purchase. Instead, it facilitates faxing through its infrastructure and integrates with third-party providers. To acquire a fax number, you must subscribe to a separate telecom or third-party service. Once you have a fax number, you can configure the fax server to use this number to send and receive faxes. However, you can keep your existing fax number and use it with FaxCore.

As a FaxCore alternative, CocoFax offers toll-free and local fax numbers upon sign-up. You can choose fax numbers from over 30 countries. The fax service also provides free fax number porting if you want to keep your current number. 

Pricing and Plans

CocoFax has a Lite plan, which costs $4.99 for 60 pages. If your faxing needs go beyond that, you can always choose a plan of higher tier. It has Basic for $9.99 monthly for 200 pages, Premium for $16.99 monthly for 400 pages, and Business for $24.99 monthly for 1200 pages. Faxing in higher volumes is also available through its enterprise-level faxing solutions.

Another option is to purchase credits for additional fax pages. One credit costs $1, and it doesn’t expire, so you can enjoy uninterrupted service even if you go beyond your monthly faxing limits.

FaxCore pricing is a more expensive CocoFax alternative. Pricing isn’t available on its website, but Capterra pegs its price at $60 per month for 500 pages. Its rates may vary depending on the deployment model and business requirements.

CocoFax vs FaxCore

Comparing CocoFax and FaxCore

FaxCore is a fax server with versatile deployment models, accommodating on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions. On the other hand, CocoFax is an online fax platform that’s easy to use and doesn’t require a complicated setup. 

Regarding pricing considerations, CocoFax provides transparent and cost-effective plans, including a pay-as-you-go option for additional fax pages. FaxCore’s pricing, although not explicitly stated on its website, is perceived to be comparatively higher.

Choose the Best Alternative to FaxCore and CocoFax

While both FaxCore and CocoFax are trusted names in online faxing, iFax provides better faxing features at an affordable cost.

As an online fax provider, iFax makes setting up a fax account and getting a toll-free or local fax number quick and hassle-free. You can also port your existing number to ensure uninterrupted faxing.

If you want premium 24/7 support, HD faxes, HIPAA compliance with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), API access, OCR, fax broadcasting, and email-to-fax, then choose iFax.

Sign up for an account today.

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