eFax vs FaxLogic Comparison

eFax vs FaxLogic

The main difference between eFax and FaxLogic is pricing and flexibility. eFax is priced at $15.79 per month with a $10 setup fee, while FaxLogic starts at $6.95 a month. However, only eFax provides eSignature and fax scheduling capabilities.

eFax and FaxLogic Comparison

FaxLogic vs eFax



HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

Fax Scheduling

Electronic Signature


$15.79 / month + $10 setup fee






$6.95 / month





eFax vs FaxLogic

eFax vs FaxLogic? Consider the following differences before making a decision.


Cybersecurity threats and scams are everywhere. And if you think of it, digital faxing is not an exemption. But now, with eFax’s 256-bit AES encryption protocols and advanced TLS, you can confidently fax without compromising sensitive data. These security measures act as safeguards against potential threats, including those attempting to intercept or eavesdrop on your fax communications.

The same goes for FaxLogic. Since it uses 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt faxes in transit and at rest, you can be at peace knowing that only those with appropriate permissions can view, access, and modify your data.

User Experience

Faxing can be intimidating for first-time faxers. Yet, with eFax’s sleek and clean design, it’s easier to get familiar with its modern dashboard. Its compatibility with all devices makes it more convenient, especially if you’re frequently on the move. Not only that, but you can also personalize your account settings to suit your specific needs.

Like eFax, FaxLogic has an intuitive user interface that’s not too overwhelming for non-tech-savvy individuals. You can fax anytime and anywhere over the Internet without connecting to a phone line or a traditional fax server.

HIPAA Compliance

Like other online fax platforms, eFax follows the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. Healthcare organizations and covered entities can request a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which means that eFax acknowledges its obligations to safeguard PHI. This fax service employs multiple audit controls and encryption levels to ensure the safety and maintain the integrity of confidential data.

FaxLogic, on the other hand, claims to have the necessary means to help healthcare institutions maintain HIPAA compliance. It protects data at rest and in transit using industry-standard AES encryption. It also employs additional security features like single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), and the ability to track and audit fax activity. However, its website doesn’t mention anything about providing a signed BAA.

eFax vs FaxLogic

Electronic Signatures

For those who need to sign faxes electronically, eFax has you covered. Besides sending and receiving faxes, its Finger Swipe technology lets you sign on any device with a touch-sensitive interface. Another option would be to upload a photo of a signature you wrote on paper and then drag and drop it to the section of the document you wish to sign.

Unlike eFax, FaxLogic doesn’t offer an eSignature capability. The easiest workaround would be to convert the faxed document to a PDF and use a third-party tool like Adobe Sign

Fax Scheduling

eFax has a fax scheduling option. It’s a valuable feature, especially if you want to ensure the delivery of your faxes at a specific time or date. This way, you can draft your faxes a few days or weeks prior and let eFax take care of the rest. 

Meanwhile, FaxLogic doesn’t support fax scheduling. 

Fax Status Monitoring

eFax can track inbound and outgoing faxes. With this, you can ensure timely and accurate fax deliveries. You’ll know the status of your faxes as soon as they reach your recipient’s inbox. Plus, you can identify suspicious or unauthorized activities by checking the logs. 

As for FaxLogic, you can enable email notifications under user preferences to get instant alerts. This way, you can quickly monitor the status of each sent and received fax. You can also check the transmission reports to see why a particular fax failed.

Pricing and Plans

As of this writing, eFax has four plans: Plus, Pro, Protect, and Corporate. Plus, being the most affordable, costs $18.99 per month. That’s for 170 pages and a free local fax number. Meanwhile, those in regulated industries requiring HIPAA compliance can either choose eFax Protect or Corporate, with the latter offering API access and customized pricing.

On the other hand, FaxLogic has different sets of plans ranging from personal to group plans and fax line replacements. If you’re only faxing occasionally, you can start with Personal 100 at $6.95 per month with 1GB storage and 20 outgoing pages. Pricing for its group virtual fax plans begins at $49.95 monthly with 10GB storage.

eFax vs FaxLogic

Comparing FaxLogic vs eFax

When comparing eFax and FaxLogic, both online fax providers are reliable for faxing documents on the go. While eFax can be expensive, it remains a reliable alternative to FaxLogic as it offers various solutions suitable for different industries and businesses. Likewise, FaxLogic has plans tailored for small businesses and those who only fax occasionally.

Whether you choose one over the other, it’s clear that both are secure and reliable. However, it’s best to go with eFax when ensuring compliance since the fax service is more transparent about its BAA, storage practices, and encryption protocols.

iFax: The Best eFax and FaxLogic Alternative

Now that you’ve compared the features of eFax versus that of FaxLogic, it’s time to decide whether to choose the former over the latter. Or, you can choose neither and go for a third option instead.

iFax has all the best features of FaxLogic and eFax combined. It’s HIPAA-compliant, GLBA-compliant, and supports seamless integrations via Zapier and API. Not only that, but you can also take advantage of our fax service’s advanced features, like fax broadcasting and fax scheduling, to optimize your workflow. 

Considering your unique faxing needs, you won’t have to compromise any feature in exchange for a cheaper service that won’t drain your bank balance. 

Experience the true iFax advantage.

Schedule a free demo now. 

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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