Faxage vs eFax

Faxage vs eFax

The main difference between Faxage and eFax is pricing and faxing capabilities. Faxage is a cheaper eFax alternative priced at $3.49 per month but lacks fax scheduling, while eFax has a more interactive dashboard. That’s for $14.13 monthly with a $10 one-time fee for setup.

Faxage and eFax Comparison

eFax vs FAXAGE


Pricing (starts at)

HIPAA Compliance

Mobile Apps

eSignature Tool



$14.13 per month for 150 pages






$3.49 per line





Faxage vs eFax

Faxage vs eFax? Find out the differences in features and pricing between the two online fax services.


Faxage has multiple approaches to maintaining security and data privacy. First is SSL/TLS encryption for all its standard and API-based fax transmissions. Also, there’s password protection for incoming faxes and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption for an additional layer of security. The fax service also provides complete auditing of its system activities. 

eFax, on the other hand, automatically encrypts the faxes received on a secure account. It then stores it securely on its Tier-3 secure servers while notifying the recipient via email of the fax’s availability. Other than this, the fax service employs additional protection like two-factor authentication and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to maintain the integrity of transmitted data at all times.

HIPAA Compliance

With powerful encryption and HITRUST certification, Faxage is a HIPAA-compliant fax provider that enables advanced security protocols for your safety. Covered entities may also request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) from Faxage.

eFax is also designed to meet HIPPA compliance standards. It offers a highly encrypted online fax solution and provides signed BAAs to ensure that both parties comply with HIPAA. Aside from AES 256-bit encryption, the fax service regularly monitors fax activities to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities.


Digital signatures are often required for business transactions and signing agreements. Thankfully, Faxage has a built-in eSignature feature where clients can feel at ease filling out their documents.

Meanwhile, eFax also lets you sign your documents electronically. You can simply swipe your finger on your smartphone screen and save it for future use. Another option is to upload and then drag and drop a scanned signature image on your fax document.

Faxage vs eFax

API and Developer Support

One of the best features of Faxage is its robust API and developer support. The Faxage RESTful API lets you integrate its fax capabilities into your existing workflows. It also enables users to set roles and permissions and track faxing logs.

Designed for high-volume faxing, the eFax Developer™ API provides a secure fax solution without navigating complex software integrations. You can easily manage accounts and view detailed audit reports and delivery status with the eFax API.

Fax Numbers

Once you get a Faxage account, you’ll automatically get an assigned 10-digit fax number. You can also request fax lines, virtual fax numbers, or a second number on the same line. This means multiple faxes will be sent on as many fax lines as you have. Faxage also offers toll-free fax numbers for US and Canada users.

For hassle-free faxing on the go, eFax lets you have a dedicated local fax number, making it possible to receive and access faxes from anywhere. The fax service has local fax numbers in 49 countries, making it easier for businesses to send faxes to international clients.

Fax Scheduling

For Faxage, there’s no option to set your desired time or date for sending your faxes. 

In this aspect, eFax comes out as a better Faxage alternative as it offers the added convenience of scheduling faxes. It makes faxing more accessible for users with busy schedules or specific time requirements.

Fax Status Monitoring

With Faxage, you can track the delivery status of your faxes. You only need to enable email notifications to receive real-time updates about sent messages. 

As for eFax, it’s easy to monitor where your faxes went or whether it failed. You can access your digital log 24/7 with a list of all incoming and outgoing faxes. After delivering the faxes, you will receive details on the fax number and name of the recipient. For failed faxes, the system will also notify you about the reason for being unable to deliver your fax.

Pricing and Plans

Faxage pricing

  • Individual plan starts at $3.49 monthly and up to 600 faxes
  • Business plan ($19.95 for 2000 faxes)
  • Volume ($64.95 for 15000 faxes)
  • Carrier ($15.00 per month per concurrent outgoing channel, $2.00 per month per DID (toll-free or local are the same cost), and 2.3 cents per minute for all inbound or outbound traffic)

eFax pricing

  • eFax Plus ($14.13 per month for 150 pages)
  • eFax Pro ($16.63 per month for 200 pages)
  • Corporate plan (customized pricing for specific faxing requirements)

Note: All eFax plans come with a $10 setup fee.

Faxage vs eFax

Comparing Faxage and eFax

When it comes to value for money, Faxage beats eFax to it. For a starting price of $3.49 per month, the fax service already comes with 600 fax pages as opposed to eFax Plus, with only 150 fax pages for its $14.13 monthly with an added $10 setup fee. With it meeting HIPAA requirements and providing API support, Faxage can be a great alternative to eFax or other online fax services.

eFax, on the other hand, is already known as a reputable online fax provider for businesses of all sizes. It also has features that Faxage lacks, such as the option to schedule a fax. Like Faxage, eFax also complies with industry regulations, so ensuring HIPAA compliance when faxing would never be a problem.

iFax: Best Alternative to Faxage and eFax

If you’re still undecided whether to choose Faxage or eFax, consider iFax instead. Our HIPAA-compliant online faxing solution offers all the features and security you need to fax effortlessly and with peace of mind.

You can count on iFax to deliver efficient and high-quality faxes on time, all from the convenience of your computer, phone, or tablet.

Sign up with iFax today.

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