HelloFax vs. Nextiva

HelloFax and Nextiva differ in the features they offer. HelloFax does not currently support Fax OCR and lacks a native eSignature tool. Nextiva has OCR capability for converting faxes into searchable and editable files.

hellofax vs nextiva


 Price Per MonthHIPAA ComplianceBuilt-in eSignatureFax BroadcastingFax OCR
HelloFax$9.99 per monthYesNoYesNo
Nextiva$9.95 per monthYesNoYes, up to 6Yes

HelloFax vs Nextiva: Feature Comparison

HelloFax vs. Nextiva

Which fax service is more secure?

HelloFax enhances its protection capabilities with industry-standard security protocols. On top of employing 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) and SSL/TLS encryption, it also provides encrypted channels to safeguard ongoing and incoming faxes.

Nextiva also prioritizes security by offering encrypted data transfers, secure storage in maximum-security data centers, and 256-bit SSL encryption when transmitting faxes through its platform.

Which fax service is HIPAA compliant?

Both HelloFax and Nextiva are HIPAA compliant.

These two fax services abide by the standard security and privacy guidelines for safeguarding protected health information (PHI). Covered entities can also request these services to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

HelloFax vs. Nextiva
HelloFax vs. Nextiva

Easy-to-use interface

HelloFax, now called Dropbox Fax, offers a familiar interface with all the essential features you need to send and receive faxes. It’s part of Dropbox’s business suite, making it easier to access, retrieve, update, and manage all your data in one place. 

Similarly, Nextiva‘s intuitive user interface makes sending and receiving faxes online easier. There are no steep learning curves, enabling you to navigate its platform despite not undergoing proper training.

Legally binding eSignatures

Neither HelloFax nor Nextiva have built-in tools for adding electronic signatures. The former’s advantage is it easily integrates with Dropbox Sign, but access to the eSignature platform requires a separate subscription. 

Although promising, Nextiva’s airSlate SignNow integration remains unavailable for users to access. There’s no mention of any specific date as to when this feature will be officially released.

HelloFax vs. Nextiva
HelloFax vs. Nextiva

Fax broadcasting

HelloFax can broadcast faxes to multiple recipients, which is handy for blasting important or urgent documents to a large group of people. 

Nextiva also offers a similar functionality, allowing users to send a single fax to up to 6 people. 

Fax storage

HelloFax is an excellent Nextiva alternative, for it integrates with several known cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote.

Nextiva integrates with Nextiva Drive, its own cloud-based storage service, which syncs, backs up, and shares your data from anywhere.

HelloFax vs. Nextiva
HelloFax vs. Nextiva

Fax-to-text conversions

Converting scanned faxes into editable and searchable texts can be challenging, especially when dealing with documents in large volumes. You will need a more innovative way to speed up the conversion process. 

Nextiva’s OCR capability takes the hassle out of fax-to-text conversions since it can automatically extract texts from scanned fax images without human intervention. This feature is lacking in HelloFax, so you’ll have to stick with the old ways of extracting texts from a fax.

HelloFax vs. Nextiva

HelloFax and Nextiva Pricing

HelloFax currently has four pricing plans:

  • Free: 5 fax pages
  • Home Office: $9.99 per month with 300+ pages
  • Professional: $19.99 per month with 500+ pages
  • Small Business: #39.99 per month with+ pages

Nextiva, particularly its vFax service, offers three pricing plans:

  • Essential: $9.95 per month with 500 pages
  • Professional: $18.95 per month with 1000 pages
  • HIPAA-Compliant Plans: Custom pricing

Comparing HelloFax and Nextiva

Choosing which fax service is better ultimately depends on the type of fax features and solutions you want. While both Nextiva and HelloFax offer an intuitive user experience, the two fax services have specific capabilities that cater to different needs. 

Nextiva‘s vFax, for example, is best for business faxing and digitizing large volumes of faxes. HelloFax, on the other hand, caters to any business looking to use other Dropbox solutions for seamless integration and collaboration.

HelloFax vs. Nextiva

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Yes. HelloFax ensures HIPAA compliance, and the fax service provider is willing to enter into a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). It also provides all the necessary security and privacy protocols to safeguard protected health information (PHI) from unauthorized access or disclosure. The fax service also offers secure document transmissions and stores data safely by encrypting all files in transit and at rest.

Yes, Nextiva enables HIPAA compliance. The fax service provider has implemented the necessary security measures and protocols to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information (PHI). It is also willing to provide signed BAA to its clients.

Its fax solutions align with the standards set by HIPAA for safeguarding sensitive patient data, keeping you from violating any rules that could result in costly fines and serious legal penalties.