Interfax vs eFax 

Interfax vs eFax

The main difference between Interfax and eFax is the flexibility of their faxing plans. eFax offers four monthly plans, while Interfax offers pre-paid and monthly subscriptions. On a per-page basis, eFax comes out cheaper, but only if you can commit to their monthly plans. Meanwhile, Interfax is ideal for organizations with unpredictable faxing volumes.

Interfax and eFax Comparison

eFax vs Interfax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

Fax Broadcasting

API Support




Yes – up to 20






Yes – up to 20,000


Interfax vs eFax

Check out this detailed Interfax vs eFax comparison.


Interfax implements robust TLS encryption for inbound and outbound faxes and uses private and public key signatures to authenticate users. It offers a “delete fax after completion” feature to prevent faxes from prying eyes. 

Meanwhile, as an Interfax alternative, eFax offers a robust solution with AES 256-bit encryption and advanced TLS. It also protects sensitive faxes from potential threats that can jeopardize the confidentiality and safety of your fax communications.

HIPAA Compliance

Interfax provides HIPAA-compliant faxing solutions for healthcare providers. All communications are stored in its secure servers and ready at a moment’s notice for risk assessments and compliance audits. It will also enter into a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) to show its accountability for any protected health information (PHI) mishandling. 

Likewise, eFax offers a HIPAA-compliant Corporate plan where customers get a signed BAA. They also subject themselves to HITRUST certification, which is a notch higher than HIPAA, to guarantee the protection and privacy of patient data.

Interfax vs eFax


eFax offers an in-built signature tool that uses Finger Swipe technology. Alternatively, you can upload a photo of your signature and use drag-and-drop to attach it to the fax document. You can save these signatures within your account for future use. 

As an alternative to eFax, Interfax also offers eSignature but uses integration with third-party applications. You need to have a separate subscription and download another tool to enable eSignatures for your faxed documents.

API and Developer Support

Interfax works well with your existing systems using its comprehensive options of available APIs. You can integrate their cloud fax solution into your CRM, ERP, email, EHR, and EMR applications. You can also create various development environments using REST and SOAP communication protocols. 

Likewise, you can also enjoy integrations with eFax Corporate. As an alternative to Interfax, its APIs let you integrate faxing capabilities into any system. It also has a cloud storage capability, enabling you to send faxes directly from iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Fax Broadcasting

Both eFax and Interfax allow you to send faxes to multiple recipients simultaneously. However, they differ in the number of recipients you can send to. eFax only lets you input up to 20 recipients maximum per fax. You can also send large documents no larger than 3GB, including videos, high-resolution images, and presentations.

As an eFax alternative, Interfax lets you broadcast faxes to up to 20,000 recipients. Based on this alone, it’s clear that this fax service has the edge, especially when you’re frequently broadcasting faxes to a large audience. Still, consider the cost since bulk faxing using this service can be costly, given that its access is only for those with Enterprise plans.

Pricing and Plans

eFax offers four convenient plans suited for every type of business. Its Plus plan, which costs $18.99 monthly for 170 pages, includes a free local fax number. If you need HIPAA compliance, you should get Corporate and opt for customized pricing. The said plan also comes with API access. On top of this, eFax will also provide a free toll-free number so you can receive faxes nationwide.

Interfax has numerous plan selections, from affordable monthly subscriptions to high-volume enterprise-level faxing solutions. It even has pre-paid packages, allowing you to avail of its fax service without the monthly or yearly commitment. For $9.95 monthly, you can immediately access its Fax+200 plan, which you can cancel or upgrade anytime.

Interfax vs eFax

Comparing Interfax and eFax

Between eFax and Interfax, both cloud faxing solutions stand out as value-laden solutions for healthcare organizations. They both enable HIPAA compliance, the primary criterion for using a fax service to send sensitive data. 

However, when it comes to cost, Interfax offers a more flexible pricing plan, especially for organizations that have unpredictable faxing volumes. If your faxing demand isn’t as heavy as other companies, you can consider getting this fax service’s pre-paid packages. 

eFax, on the other hand, stands out as an online faxing solution if you have a more predictable fax volume and can commit to paying monthly or yearly. 

iFax as an Interfax vs eFax Alternative

iFax offers a better alternative to both Interfax and eFax. At just 1¢ per page, you get a HIPAA-compliant faxing solution with seamless EHR and EMR integrations. With it, you can send broadcast faxes or set up a toll-free number at no additional cost. You can even send faxes from anywhere, as it comes with dedicated mobile and desktop applications for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. 

If you aim to increase productivity while ensuring compliance and data security, check out iFax today.

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