WestFax vs eFax ultimate comparison

WestFax vs eFax

The main difference between WestFax and eFax is their approach towards offering HIPAA compliance. The latter makes ensuring compliance attainable by offering multiple HIPAA plan options. The former limits its HIPAA compliance access to Corporate users, requiring you to set a bigger budget.

WestFax and eFax Comparison

eFax vs WestFax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions













WestFax vs eFax

WestFax vs eFax? This comparison will help you determine which of these two services is better suited for your business.

HIPAA Compliance

In the healthcare industry, complying with HIPAA rules is a legal responsibility. If you adopt software, you must ensure that it includes features that help you stay compliant with the law. In this aspect, both eFax and Westfax are HIPAA-compliant internet faxing solutions.

eFax includes HIPAA compliance with a business associate agreement (BAA) in its Corporate plan. It protects your data using TLS 1.2 encryption, 256-bit AES, and secure IDs. Moreover, it uses secure Tier-3 servers with redundancy features that help prevent downtimes and productivity loss.

Like eFax Corporate, WestFax offers HIPAA compliance and encryption using TLS 1.2 and AES 256. Aside from these, they provide unique user identification, automatic log-offs, audit logs, and access controls. 

Unlike eFax, which limits HIPAA compliance to Corporate users, WestFax makes its HIPAA features available in all its plans. Also, the fax service will still provide a BAA even if you choose to pay for the lowest plan.

Device Applications

WestFax offers both Android and iOS apps for easy mobile faxing. The iOS app has received average to high ratings on the Apple Store. However, the Android app was last updated in 2020, which may explain some of its less-than-stellar reviews.

eFax also offers free fax apps for Android and iOS. It has separate fax apps for the Corporate plan and the non-HIPAA-compliant eFax Pro plan. Having received recent updates, you can be confident that its apps will work while ensuring security and compatibility with the latest operating systems.

WestFax vs eFax


Some internet fax providers include an integrated digital signing technology into their software. This allows you to send faxes faster since you don’t need to use a separate app for signing. Unfortunately, WestFax is not the best alternative to eFax if you want a fax service with eSigning capabilities. You’ll have to use another software to sign your faxes, which takes additional effort, money, and time.

eFax uses Finger Swipe technology to let you sign your faxes electronically. Aside from using your finger to sign on the screen, you can take a photo of your signature and upload it to the document. You can also choose to have your electronic signature saved for later use.

API and Developer Support

WestFax provides API access for users subscribing to Fax 1500 plans and above. The least expensive plan, Basic, doesn’t include an API. You can use this functionality to add WestFax to your enterprise applications, send a fax, handle inbound faxes, check for faxes, and more. You can configure the API in most languages, including PHP, .NET, Java, and HTML. 

API access for eFax is available in its Corporate plan. You can use the eFax Enterprise API to delete faxes, retrieve faxes, work with fax images, control your fax transmissions, and more. It also has an Admin API for fax number management, account maintenance, user management, and more.

Number Porting

Do you have an existing local or toll-free fax number? If you want to continue using it, WestFax or eFax can do the job.

When you sign up with WestFax, you’ll be asked to choose a fax number, which will become a placeholder until your current fax number is successfully ported to WestFax. If your number is portable, you only need to fill out the porting form.

Like WestFax, eFax ports your existing fax number for free. All you need to do is sign the letter of agency (LOA) for transferring your number, which contains the terms and conditions for eFax use. In case you want to purchase a new fax number, you can choose from eFax’s local and toll-free numbers from thousands of cities worldwide.

Pricing and Plans

eFax offers two plans: eFax Pro and the customizable Corporate plan. eFax Pro costs $15.79/month  (billed annually) for 200 pages. Expect to pay an additional $10 setup fee for this plan. 

WestFax is a more flexible eFax alternative, offering four plans with the following fixed monthly fee: Basic ($8.99, 500 pages), Fax 1500 ($29.95, 1500 pages), Fax 3k ($59.95, 3000 pages), and customizable Enterprise plan. Each additional page costs $0.03.

WestFax vs eFax

Comparing WestFax and eFax

Choosing between WestFax and eFax depends on your requirements. WestFax’s pricing structure with lower monthly fees is a more cost-effective solution than eFax. If HIPAA compliance is your priority, WestFax offers flexible subscription plans that fit different budgets.

However, eFax has faxing features that you cannot get by subscribing to WestFax. Choosing it is best if you need eSignature capabilities, an international fax number, and dependable mobile applications. 

A Better eFax and WestFax Alternative

No doubt, eFax and WestFax are trusted internet fax providers. However, your choice does not have to be limited to them. Consider iFax, which offers an affordable HIPAA-compliant fax plan on top of its comprehensive lineup of advanced faxing features, including:

  • Fax by email
  • Fax broadcasting
  • Virtual fax numbers
  • Shared team inbox
  • Programmable fax APIs

With our fax service, you can fax from anywhere with a local or toll-free number. If you’d like to keep your current fax number, iFax lets you do so by porting it for free.

Why miss out on some fax features when you can sign up with Fax instead? 

Start your free trial now.

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