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Brother Fax 727: Is It A Reliable Faxing Solution For Your Business?

Every business owner like you recognizes the importance of reliable communication tools for your business operations. And you may be one of those who still prefer the reliability and security of fax machines, and for all good reasons.

Faxing greatly helps in sending and receiving important documents and contracts. The Brother Fax 727 is one such option that is packed with essential features and functionality for efficient business faxing.

In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the Brother Fax 727. By extension, we’ll help you decide whether it’s the perfect faxing solution for your business.

Key Features of the Brother Fax 727

The following key features make Brother 727 faxing machine a superb choice for businesses that require a high-performance faxing solution. Simply put, fax machine Brother 727 can handle a varied range of tasks efficiently and effectively. The following are its major features:

Fast Fax Modem

Brother 727 features a high-speed fax modem of 9600 – 2400 bps and a transmission speed of approximately 15 seconds per page. This allows for quick and efficient transmission of your faxes, which saves time and increases your productivity levels.

Superior Laser Output

Besides a fast fax modem, it is armed with a laser engine that delivers high-quality printing for faxes and copies. The laser output surpasses the quality of traditional inkjet printers, providing clear and crisp graphics and text.

Fax Broadcast

The Brother 727 fax machine also presents a fax broadcast feature. Basically, this enables users like you to send the same document to multiple recipients concurrently. It is especially of valuable use for businesses that need to send urgent notifications or updates to numerous recipients quickly.

How the Brother Fax 727 Can Address Your Business Faxing Needs

With its key features, faxing with Brother 727 will address your business faxing needs. Aside from these, Brother 727 also hosts other essential features, namely:

  • Automatic Document Feeder: The Brother Fax 727 has a 10-sheet automatic document feeder. It can practically handle multi-page documents quickly and efficiently sans the need for manual feeding.
  • Built-in Telephone Handset: In addition, faxing with Brother 727 offers users and business owners a built-in telephone handset. This feature allows you to make voice calls without having an additional telephone.
  • Advanced Features: Finally, Brother Fax 727 comes with other equally important advanced features, including delayed transmission, remote retrieval, and polling. These can help you streamline your business workflows, boost productivity, and manage your faxes with significantly less hassle.

Why You Should Try Sending Faxes Online Without A Fax Machine

While traditional faxing using Brother Fax 727 is doubtless beneficial to fast-track your business processes, it has its limitations. For example, if you’re not in the office with the machine, you can’t send or receive a fax. This is where the convenience of machineless faxing comes into the equation.

Here’s why you should try sending faxes online, essentially without a fax machine:

Enhanced Security

Machine-based faxing is secure, but online faxing is even more so. With it, you can send and receive faxes safely without interception. Choosing a reputable online faxing solution like iFax safeguards your documents from all security risks, such as unauthorized access.


Badly need to send a fax, but you’re not in the office to do it? Fret not, as online faxing allows you to send and receive documents whenever and wherever you are. With just an internet connection as the only requirement, you can access your online documents via your laptop or smartphone.

Increased Efficiency

Online faxing is no question faster than its traditional counterpart. Faxing online is instantaneous like email, while faxing with a machine takes a tad more time. There’s also no need to print and deliver documents by mail. In consequence, you accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time and resources with electronic faxing.


Join the ever-growing number of businesses worldwide that are going completely paperless in running their respective organizations. On top of being eco-friendly, online faxing eliminates paper clutter in your office, which is conducive for increased productivity.

Cost Savings

Finally, shifting to online faxing allows you to save more money. Say goodbye to costly hardware, from the fax machine, ink cartridges, and paper reams, to phone lines. Conversely, you can enjoy affordable subscription plans from an online faxing solution like iFax.

Brother Fax 727 Comparison with iFax: Which One Should You Choose?

To make a sound comparison, let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Brother Fax 727 and online faxing with iFax. We’ll discuss both in terms of security, efficiency, environmental impact, accessibility, and overall reliability.

  • Security. Both are secure communication tools for your business, but one offers better protection than the other. With its vulnerable technology, fax machines can be more prone to data theft and unauthorized document access. Online faxing solutions provide adequate protection through end-to-end encryption.
  • Efficiency. Machine-based faxing is fast enough to accommodate small businesses. But if you are dealing with a large volume of customers regularly, traditional faxing is inefficient and slow. In contrast, online faxing caters to organizations with expanding business needs.
  • Environmental impact. Fax machines necessitate the use of paper to operate efficiently. This is essentially not an eco-friendly choice. It is also a major source of clutter in the office. With electronic faxing, documents are kept virtually in a centralized online repository.
  • Accessibility. Faxing the traditional way requires a fax machine. Hence, you can’t send or receive important faxes if you’re not in your office where the machine is. If you fax online, you can be completely location-independent and still be able to send and receive your electronic papers.
  • Overall reliability. In terms of overall reliability and convenience, there’s really no denying that internet faxing is an excellent and superior choice. You can fax online anytime, anywhere, with either a laptop, desktop computer, or your smartphone.

You can also receive real-time updates on whether your faxes are sent and received successfully, something that machine-based faxing cannot deliver. Therefore, online faxing is the smart choice if you want streamlined workflows without compromising quality, security, and regulatory compliance.

iFax: A Dependable Digital Solution for Business Faxing

Level up your game and invest in a paperless faxing solution to make business management a breeze. With iFax, your documents are secure, HIPAA-compliant, and made to simplify your document management processes.

Bid farewell to paper jams and welcome the tremendous convenience and reliability of online faxing. Sign up with iFax for free today.

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