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HP Fax 1010: Is It a Dependable Option for Business Faxing?

Fax machines have long been a staple in business communications and operations. Even to this day, faxing remains a highly preferred communication method across several industries, including healthcare and law enforcement.

For such sectors and agencies, HP Fax 1010 is a feature-packed machine that can be relied upon for business purposes. If you’re eyeing equipment to manage your business faxes, this article will discuss the features of HP Fax 1010. We’ll also elaborate on whether it’s a dependable solution for business faxing.

Benefits of Using HP Fax 1010 Faxing Machine

For starters, get to know why fax machine HP Fax 1010 is advantageous for your day-to-day business operations. Among the main benefits of HP Fax 1010 are:


Aside from being a fax machine, HP Fax 1010 is also a copier and a scanner. With it, you can do various tasks on just one device. This makes it a very versatile tool for business faxing, whether you’re at the office or in your humble abode.

Not just that, this machine is compatible with various software programs and different operating systems such as Windows and Mac. In essence, you won’t be burdened by the hassle of fixing new tools. The HP Fax 1010 can be seamlessly integrated into your workspace.


HP Fax 1010 fax machines are built to last long. Its construction was sturdy enough to survive the wear and tear of everyday utilization. In addition, the HP brand is reputable for producing reliable and high-quality products, and the HP Fax 1010 is no exception. You can generously use it without worrying about buying new equipment within a few years.

User-friendly interface

Whether you’re familiar with fax machines or not, the HP Fax 1010 makes it easy to fax documents. It comes with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls. It’s friendly even for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy. This makes its daily use for your business operations a breeze and trouble-free.

Key Features of HP Fax 1010

The HP Fax 1010 offers various functions that can help boost employee productivity and streamline communication. The HP Fax 1010 is a convenient option for small businesses and home offices.

Below are its major features that make it highly dependable as a faxing solution.

Compact Design

The HP Fax 1010 is conveniently designed with a compact footprint, which makes it ideal for small workspaces and home offices. It has a dimension of 14.7 x 13.4 x 10.6 and a total weight of 7.5 pounds. It has a sleek, modern appearance that seamlessly fits into any office space.

Speed Dialing

With the HP Fax 1010, you can effortlessly store the most frequently used numbers for one-touch dialing. It eliminates the necessity to manually dial each fax number every time you need to send a fax. This vital feature can save you time and boost your productivity.

Copying Capabilities

The HP Fax 1010 is not just a fax machine but also can make high-quality copies. It can produce up to 40 copies with the speed of 6 seconds per page, or 10 pages per minute. Indeed, faxing with HP Fax 1010 gives you the assurance that your documents will look sharp and professional.

How To Use HP 1010 Fax Machine

For a quick and easy guide on how to use HP 1010 Fax machine, refer to our instructions below:

Loading papers

The HP fax 1010 can accommodate up to 50 sheets of plain paper into the input tray. Before you load the sheets, the paper size must be correctly set in the Set Up System menu.

The paper sizes that work well with HP 1010 are as follows: A4, Letter, and Legal.

Sending a fax

1. Put the document that you will send (up to 10 pages) in the document feeder.
2. Proceed to dial the number by typing it and press Start or Enter. You can also dial a fax number through the following:

  • Remove the handset, enter the fax number, and click Start/Enter;
  • Use the loudspeaker to listen as you dial the numbers, then press Start/Enter;
  • Press and hold the One Touch button;
  • Click on the Speed Dial button and press Start/Enter.

Receiving a fax

How you receive your faxes depends on how your Answer Mode is pre-set. It can be either FAX/TAM answer mode or AUTO answer mode.

  • Fax answer mode: Your HP Fax 1010 machine will answer the telephone. It will also automatically detect fax tones and receive a fax.
  • AUTO answer mode: In AUTO, the telephone will ring a certain number of times, then proceed to receive faxes.

Making a telephone call

There are different methods one can make a telephone call using the HP 1010 fax machine, such as:

  • Picking up the handset and dialing the number;
  • Pressing and holding a One Touch number, which will turn the loudspeaker on. Once you’re connected, pick up the handset;
  • Pressing the Speed Dial button, entering a speed dial code, and pressing Start/Enter, which will turn the loudspeaker on. Once you’re connected, pick up the handset.

Why Transition From Traditional Fax to Online Faxing

While traditional faxing using HP Fax 1010 remains a convenient method, online faxing is an excellent alternative for business faxing. Here are the main reasons you should transition from machine-based faxing to online faxing:


Internet-based faxing practically eliminates the need for equipment, paper supplies, and stationery items. Hence, you can record significant cost savings with a premium plan from an online faxing provider like iFax.


Using a machine to send faxes means you can only send one if you are at your office. If your faxes are sent and received electronically instead, you can work anytime, anywhere. You can even receive a fax and access it while you’re at home sipping your coffee.


In comparison to traditional faxing, its online equivalent can send faxes more quickly and efficiently. With it, you can send and receive faxes instantaneously without needing to wait to have them printed and delivered successfully.


While machine-based faxing is preferred for its security, online faxing solutions like iFax are as secure and safe from interception. Electronic faxing providers use encryption during transmission to protect your vital documents and contracts. This ensures that your faxes remain secure and private.

Environmental Advantage

Finally, online faxing is ultimately the eco-friendly choice for businesses. It’s a machineless, paperless method of sending and receiving faxes. In essence, it means you get to contribute to the worldwide pursuit for environmental preservation by minimizing paper use.

HP Fax 1010 vs. iFax: Which One Is a More Dependable Option?

There’s no doubt that HP Fax 1010 has convenient features that will greatly help businesses to manage their faxes. However, as your business needs expand, traditional faxing may be time-consuming.

As such, consider switching to online faxing using iFax. With our paperless tool, you can make business faxing streamlined and more efficient. The following are what makes our tool ideal for digital faxing:

256-bit SSL encryption

Our paperless solution’s military-grade encryption protects your online faxes from interception and other security risks. Data security is a top priority, and our 256-bit SSL encryption allows for full protection of all your electronic faxes.

HIPAA compliance

Besides our advanced security measures, iFax is also 100 percent in compliance with data privacy standards such as HIPAA and GDPR. This assures you that your sensitive data are completely sheltered from data breaches. Using our tool also helps you ensure that authorized team members can only access your documents.

Real-time notifications

You can stop wondering whether your faxes are being sent successfully or not. Using our software lets you know in real-time through visual confirmation whether your faxes have been sent or received. You can also receive email alerts and maintain an audit trail for all your sent and received faxes.

24/7 customer support

We can help! Should you have any technical issues or concerns regarding our service, feel free to contact us. One of our team members shall accommodate you with your tech concerns. Our customer support operates 24/7 to ensure your issues will be squared away immediately.

iFax: Your Dependable Digital Solution for Business Faxing

Level up your business faxing activities by investing in a dependable digital solution like iFax. With our integrated software, business faxing will cease to become a tedious and time-consuming task for you. iFax will allow you to send and receive faxes efficiently without sacrificing security, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Experience the convenience of internet-based faxing through iFax. Sign up for a free account today.

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