AI-Powered Fax

AI-optimized intelligent online fax solution

ai-powered fax

AI-powered fax technology for precise
data recognition and extraction

AI-Powered Fax

Character Recognition

Convert faxes into searchable texts with iFax’s AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Choose between manual and automatic conversions for inbound and outbound faxes, ensuring reliable, consistent, and error-free data.

Data Extraction

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to efficiently extract information from large volumes of unstructured data into structured formats. Easily enable or disable your AI & automation extraction process. 

NLP optimizes your fax workflows in ways that improve customer experiences and drive growth while increasing revenue.

AI-Powered Fax
AI-Powered Fax

Generative Al Chat

Use natural chat powered by Generative AI to generate content from any fax, freeing your team from handling repetitive document processes. Create multiple prompts and manage them quickly in your AI prompt library.

Detect Sender, Subject, and Document Types

Leverage NLP and advanced machine learning to automatically detect the fax sender, subject, and document types directly from your dashboard. Why go through the hassle when there is an intelligent and efficient way to extract critical information from hundreds or thousands of faxes? 

iFax has all the essential AI features your organization could need for precise data recognition and swift extraction.

*Note: AI credits are required to use fax-to-text (OCR), data extraction, and generative AI chat.

AI-Powered Fax


Intelligently integrate data into core business workflows, EHRs, ERPs, and CRM systems. Automating key fax processes can drastically cut down the time and effort needed to handle large volumes of data.

Access data with zero disruptions

Make data immediately accessible and usable across different platforms and systems. AI-powered faxing helps ensure that only the highest-quality fax data can be processed for analysis and decision-making.

Efficient fax
document management

Eliminate the need for manual effort in reviewing and extracting fax data.

Let iFax’s intelligent faxing features take care of the tedious tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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Upgrade your faxing experience with iFax's AI-powered online faxing service.