Fax Annotation

Annotate, review and edit your faxes with ease

Allow multiple parties to review and edit faxed documents simultaneously

Enable precise and clear communication to reduce misinterpretation

Boos efficiency by eliminate unnecessary steps in faxed document handling

Fax Annotation


Add notes, highlight sections, and share ideas on your faxes

Fax Annotation

Enhance collaboration and communication with fax annotation.

With iFax, you can facilitate an efficient document review using our fax annotation feature. You can easily leave comments and mark specific areas that require clarification, ensuring accuracy and precision during collaboration.

By adding annotations directly to your online faxes, you can avoid the hassle of using multiple platforms to communicate with your collaborators about fax details. This not only saves you money but also accelerates your decision-making process and turnaround time.

How to review and annotate your online faxes

iFax’s fax annotation comes in simplified steps which you can leverage this feature to improve your fax workflow:

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Select the fax you wish to annotate.
  3. To add notes or highlight certain parts, click the pencil icon.
  4. The fax annotation feature comes with different functionalities. To name a few, you can:
    • Add text
    • Insert images
    • Affix electronic signature
    • Highlight specific areas
    • Draw
  5. Once complete, select Save and then Save & Done
Fax Annotation
Fax Annotation

Add contextual information directly on your faxes.

Fax annotation allows you to visually mark and highlight specific areas of a document, drawing attention to important points or sections.

By visually emphasizing key information, it enhances clarity and ensures that the intended message is easily understood.

Simplify faxed document collaboration with fax annotation
Say goodbye to complicated fax processes and easily review all sent faxes online