Fax Notes

Add personal notes and reminders to your fax

Keep track of any insights and ideas by adding notes to fax

Draw attention to specific sections that require focus or clarity

Easily access and retrieve added notes for a more efficient workflow

Fax Notes


Add notes to your faxes for
collaborative reference and clarity

Fax Notes

Save important ideas to improve document workflow.

Adding notes to either your sent or received electronic faxes can help you have an organized workflow. The notes will serve as handy references for you to stay organized and not overlook any crucial details.

You can utilize the notes to prioritize certain tasks, track document progress, or indicate the status of specific fax-related activities

Insert notes to your online faxes.

Fax notes provide flexibility, convenience, and enhanced organization and communication.
  1. Open the iFax dashboard and select the fax you want to note.
  2. Click the Data icon in the upper-right portion of your screen.
  3. Type the texts you want to add to the fax in the notes dialogue box. Click the blue icon to send the note.
  4. Click the Save & Done button.

This feature is helpful to mark some faxes for personal reminders, references, and the like. 

Fax Notes
Fax Notes

Enhance your overall faxing experience.

With iFax, you don’t have to rely on external note-taking tools or separate documents. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to find relevant details associated with the fax.

By adding notes to your faxes, you can engage with the fax more effectively and tailor your actions accordingly.

Stay on track with fax notes
Experience convenience and workflow efficiency using iFax.