Fax Notifications

Setup fax notifications to never miss a fax 

Receive fax alerts via email or through the fax dashboard

Set up and enable fax alerts to stay on top of your messages

Respond to urgent messages promptly and avoid delays

Fax Notifications

Streamline Your Workflow with Instant Fax Notifications

Never miss a fax update, stay ahead in real time

Fax Notifications

Get notified anytime, anywhere.

Imagine receiving crucial faxes instantly, without the hassle of checking your inbox. With iFax, you’re always in the loop.

Build stronger client relationships by responding promptly to time-sensitive messages. Our fax notifications streamline your workflow, ensuring you never waste time manually checking for new faxes.

Stay informed, prioritize effectively, and address critical documents without delay.

How to activate instant fax notifications.

Take control of your fax communication effortlessly. To enable notifications, follow these simple steps on iFax:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On your dashboard, click the gear button on your screen’s bottom left side to Settings.
  3. Go to My Notifications.
  4. To enable notifications, simply select how you wish to be notified. You can select between email and push notifications.
  5. You can choose both to ensure you never miss a fax.
  6. If you want to receive a copy of your fax in your email, enable Include Fax.
  7. Then click Save to lock in all your changes.
Fax Notifications
Fax Notifications

Keep tabs on your fax transmissions

 iFax doesn’t just cover incoming faxes. Activate our notification feature to receive confirmations on outbound transmissions too. Know instantly if your fax was successful, ensuring your crucial documents reach their destinations flawlessly.

Enhance responsiveness and efficiency with fax notifications.
No more manual monitoring or wasted time checking for new faxes.