Get a Business Fax Number.

Select a local, toll-free, or vanity fax number for your company, or seamlessly port your current fax number to iFax at no extra cost.

Fax Number Selection


Pick a fax number that fits your business: Local, Toll-Free, or Vanity Fair.

Get a company fax number online, effortlessly.

Here is how to get a fax number for your business

  1. Create an iFax Plus or Professional account.
  2. Choose your preferred country and area. 
  3. Click on “Add Number” to activate your new fax number.

Alternatively, you may generate a fax number even before creating an iFax account.

Start faxing online with your existing number

Seamlessly switch to online faxing without changing your current number.

iFax allows you to port your number for free, ensuring hassle-free and uninterrupted faxing. Enjoy the same business connectivity with clients, suppliers, and vendors.

Fax Number Selection
Fax Number Selection

Streamline your fax number selection with our API.

For advanced setups, leverage our fax API to generate fax numbers. Seamlessly connect your existing system and initiate back-end API calls to request fax numbers in bulk. 

Explore our detailed API documentation or contact our customer service team for technical assistance.

Upgrade your professionalism with a business fax number
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