Protect your faxes with HIPAA-compliant encryption.

Safeguard your highly confidential documents with military-grade encryption during faxing to ensure protection against data threats, maintain legal compliance, and reinforce customer trust in the security of their private information.

Military-Grade Encryption


Boost data privacy and integrity every step of the way.

Military-Grade Encryption

Protect your organization with fax encryption

Military-grade encryption refers to using advanced cryptographic techniques to secure information and communications. Various high-level agencies and institutions use this technology to protect classified contacts and data.

This advanced type of fax encryption uses algorithms designed to resist cyber attacks, making it ideal for sensitive data. These often use long keys, complex mathematical functions, and other techniques to prevent unauthorized access.

With iFax, all of these fax encryption processes are already built into the platform.

Ensure secure document transmission with iFax.

As a leader in encrypted fax services, iFax uses AES-256, a robust fax encryption solution that high-level businesses worldwide employ. AES-256 uses a 256-bit key for the encryption process.

Many experts consider 256-bit encryption extremely secure. That’s because it would take billions of years for even the most advanced computers to crack the key using brute force attacks.

On the iFax platform, we use 256-bit military-grade fax encryption to protect data transmissions between the sender and recipient during the faxing process. This protection includes the faxed documents and any associated metadata, such as the sender and recipient information.

Military-Grade Encryption
Military-Grade Encryption

Explore how iFax’s military-grade encryption works

In iFax, military-grade protection is used to secure fax transmissions, ensuring the confidentiality of user information. Here’s a general overview of how this works on our apps:

  1. The sender creates a fax document and selects a recipient.
  2. Upon sending the fax, iFax encrypts the document data using an AES-256 key.
  3. iFax transmits the encrypted fax over the internet to our server.
  4. The app then decrypts the fax using a symmetrical key and forwards it to the recipient’s account.
  5. The recipient’s device receives the fax and decrypts it automatically using the appropriate key.

Most users don’t have to worry about how encryption works on iFax. The simple and intuitive platform we’ve built makes sending and receiving encrypted faxes effortless.

Ensure data privacy with military-grade encryption.
iFax provides the highest level of security available, ensuring that your faxes are safe from interception or unauthorized access.