Fax Team Setup and Configuration

Boost productivity through fax sharing.

Streamline collaboration without the burden of manual tasks

Easily manage and control access over your team faxes

Improve fax accessibility without compromising security

Add and manage fax users anytime, anywhere

Fax Team Setup and Configuration


Embrace collaborative online faxing with iFax.

Fax Team Setup and Configuration

How does team setup and configuration work?

Set up and configure your team on iFax for streamlined collaboration and efficient fax management. Define specific access levels, customize branding elements, and upgrade your team’s faxing experience.

Enhance Security with Role Assignments: Allocate precise permissions, enabling team members to handle fax tasks based on their designated roles.

Prioritize User Access: Specify user priority levels to regulate access to fax-related actions and information within the company’s account.

Optimize Organization with User Groups: Establish user groups for efficient delegation, making it easy to assign fax responsibilities to specific individuals or groups.

Add a team member in five easy steps.

Set up group fax seamlessly with iFax. Follow these five easy steps to add a new member:

  1. Create an iFax account and log into your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the left panel, then select Team. A window will pop up where you can see the settings for configuring your team under Team & SSO.
  3. Click on the Add User to add new members to your team. You can also select Add 365 User for Microsoft Office 365 accounts.
  4. Fill in the required details, such as the email address, name, job title, and fax number access.
  5. Assign permission for the team member by checking the boxes or selecting a group for the user. Click Save.

The new member will receive an email to activate and access their iFax account. 

Fax Team Setup and Configuration
Fax Team Setup and Configuration

What can team members do?

Tailor your team’s fax experience by assigning specific roles to members. iFax offers the following roles, each with distinct access rights:

  • Administrator: Full access to settings and other team members.
  • Manager: Comprehensive control with specific limitations.
  • Sender: Ability to send faxes without managing other users.
  • Receiver: Exclusive rights to receive faxes.
  • Sender + Receiver: Combined access for both sending and receiving.

Easily modify roles by toggling checkboxes when adding team members or groups. Customize access to match your team’s workflow seamlessly.

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