FedRAMP Certified Fax

Secure cloud fax exchanges that meet FedRAMP requirements.

FedRAMP Certified Fax Solutions - cloud faxing service

Globally acclaimed FedRAMP certified online fax solution

FedRAMP Certified Fax

Ensure compliance with federal security requirements

Say goodbye to cloud faxing frustrations while meeting stringent security standards and controls to protect federal data.

iFax offers a FedRAMP-compliant online fax solution, enhancing your credibility and confidence in handling government documents and other sensitive details.

Proven and reliable approach to cloud fax security

An online fax solution offering FedRAMP compliance ensures consistency by providing a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud fax services. 

With a FedRAMP-compliant fax provider like iFax, your organization can mitigate risks and prevent breaches while saving time, money, and resources.

FedRAMP Certified Fax
FedRAMP Certified Fax

PCI DSS standards

Fax documents online with peace of mind, knowing that every sensitive data sent and received goes through a secure channel that adheres to government-approved security guidelines. 

As a FedRAMP-compliant cloud solution, iFax can help you meet the privacy and security guidelines set by HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, and other regulatory bodies.

A trusted cloud fax technology where privacy is a priority

Accelerating the transition from legacy IT to cloud-based solutions can be challenging for most federal agencies. iFax helps facilitate the widespread adoption of cloud fax across the government and private sector companies. 

Streamline collaboration and ensure the security of integrations and document exchanges with a cloud service that offers all the innovative fax solutions you need.

FedRAMP Certified Fax

Robust security

Mitigate evolving cyber threats with military-grade encryption, secure user authentication, user controls, Single Sign-On (SSO), and continuous monitoring of potential security vulnerabilities.

Efficient and seamless

Ensure continuous fax operations with 99.999% uptime, no-code automation, and programmable Fax API. iFax also offers flexible and scalable plans that can handle the growing and fluctuational needs of busy government agencies.

Auditable fax activities

Track and record every fax activity with real-time transmission reports and detailed audit trails. As a FedRAMP certified online fax solution, iFax ensures transparency and compliance in all fax exchanges.

The #1 FedRAMP Certified
Fax Solution
Enhance the security of how you fax government documents.