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How to Navigate and Use the iFax Dashboard

  • If you’re looking for a specific fax, use the search bar at the top and type the name of a sender, recipient, and fax number. You may also toggle on “Search inside faxes” to find documents with specific terms.
  • Filter faxes sent and received by method or user, direction, status, or time frame
  • Browse through the pages of faxes by going through the displayed number of faxes in the screen at the bottom
  • Download a spreadsheet log of all faxes received and sent
  • Each row represents a fax received or sent
  • The arrow next to the name under the “To” column indicates whether it’s inbound or outbound. If it’s pointing North-East = Outbound, South-West = Inbound
  • Click on the negative spaces within the row to view the fax
  • Select the name of a contact to review a log of all related faxes for that contact
  • Add contact details for numbers with no contact assigned yet
  • Assign faxes to user(s) for their processing
  • Review the status of the faxes sent and received
  • Update status of fax to Done to change it to the latest status
  • Feel free to move the faxes to any folders you’ve created
  • Clicking on the kebab icon at the most right of each row will give you options on what action to take with each fax: Mark as Done/Not Done, pull a Transmission Receipt, Annotate or eSign, Reply to Sender, Forward as New Fax, Mark as Unread, Block Sender, or Delete
  • To send a fax, click the New fax button on the screen’s bottom-right corner.

On the menu on the left hand side of the screen:

  • Click the Inbox on the right-hand to view incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • To view the faxes you have opened and marked confirmed, click the Done folder.
  • The Folders contain labeled files connected to the cloud storage for syncing and backup. When you click the kebab icon, a sub-menu will appear prompting you to create a folder or sync files to Google DriveOneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • The Team Member option lets you add new users, create user group permissions, and activate single sign-on for team members.
  • Manage your fax numbers or assign team members with the Fax Numbers option.
  • Access and manage your contact lists.
  • Go to Reports & Activity to get a visualization of faxes sent and received over time
  • Click on the “i” icon next to Email to Fax to see the four-step process on how to send faxes from your email
  • Use the Broadcast Fax to send the same fax in bulk to a list of accounts
  • Check available Integrations & API to connect with iFax
  • Set-up Your Fax Page so anyone can send you a fax without having access to a physical fax machine
  • Review our Pricing Tiers
  • Reach out to our Support Team
  • View your allowance used along with your subscription plan
  • Click on the gear icon to access your account settings
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