The best fax app for iPhone and iPad

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Fax from iPhone in minutes without a fax machine

Scan a document and send it right away

Choose your own local or toll-free fax number

100% secure with military-grade encryption

GLBA & HIPAA compliant free fax app for iOS

Reduce expenses on maintenance and paper use

Manage your faxes in the secure online storage

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Fax papers from iPhone anytime and anywhere with internet access


Best Free Fax App for iPhone

Fax from iPhone and iPad as if you are like sending an email or SMS. Imagine it: one app, unlimited access. Endless documents are sent with a tap of a button. You’ve got everything you need to sign, send, and track all faxes with iFax.


Instantly Fax from iPhone 

Send a fax from iPhone by scanning a document, importing a file to your cloud account like iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and more. No need to print any copy. Attach your digital signature and fill in any of iFax HIPAA compliant fax cover pages.


Receive Notifications and Updates

Instantly receive a fax and get notified whenever there is an incoming one. Receive a fax from iPhone or iPad by activating the push notifications. You can also set up email notifications to ensure you don’t miss any fax wherever you go.


High-Grade Encryption

iFax uses the strongest and highest level of security, the 256-bit AES encryption, to protect all fax transmissions through the internet. No need to wonder how to fax from iPhone. With our GLBA and HIPAA compliant iPhone fax app, it’s possible to fax online in just minutes!


Mobile First

Scan and fax a from iPhone without printing.



Reduce expenses.

Pay only what you need.


Safe and Private

iFax uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect all information.



We respond immediately and are available 24/7.



Fortune 500 companies rely on our faxing services.


Cloud Syncing

Manage faxes and access all of them on iOS devices.



Add logo and sign documents before faxing.


100% Secure

Enhanced security for all accounts and fax transmissions.


#1 Best free fax app for iPhone and iPad

Keep it simple, stay on top of your tasks—no need to search for how to scan and fax from iPhone because iFax saves the day. Scan a document, attach your digital signature, and send it right off the bat.

Track and manage all faxes in one place with our simplified dashboard. What’s more, you can activate the push notifications on your iPhone and iPad to receive incoming and outgoing faxes. Never miss a fax again.

The best app to send fax from iPhone exists

iFax is an app that makes life easier for those moments when you need to sign and fax a document but your office doesn’t have a fax machine. Why find a fax machine nearby when you can do it on your smartphone?

If you’re looking for the best fax app for iPhone, no need to search further, more than 5 million users are already using it. It’s about time you explore it yourself.

Download iPhone fax app

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You got a ton of documents in front of you—faxing online has never been so easy! Say goodbye to fax machines and annoying paper jams, and hello to iFax! Choose your plan and enjoy a 7-day free trial for full access to features.