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May 12, 2022

Google Drive Sync: Instantly Export Your Faxes Into the Cloud

Manually uploading files is no fun. Even if you opt for drag and drop, you still have to repeat the…

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what are the three rules of HIPAA guidelines

What Are the Three Rules of HIPAA? A Basic Overview

What are the three rules of HIPAA? Why is it necessary to abide by these rules? What do these rules…

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the best document phone scanners

The Best Document Phone Scanners in 2022

Back in the day, there are no scanner apps that could instantly convert any paper document into a digital format.…

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best online fax services in 2022

11 Reasons Why Online Fax Services Is So Important in 2022

Many might wonder why online fax services continue to thrive. Contrary to common belief, faxing never really became a thing…

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practice fusion ehr medical charting f_img

Practice Fusion 101: An Overview – Features, Pricing, & Free Demo

Many healthcare institutions rely on cloud-based EHR systems to streamline clinical workflows. Thus, choosing a reliable EHR system is a…

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Is Google Drive HIPAA compliant

Is Google Drive HIPAA Compliant? 5 Things You Need to Know

These days, individuals and businesses use Google Drive to store valuable data, including documents and photos. In fact, it has…

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The Top 10 Apps for Caregivers

The Top 10 Apps for Caregivers: Caregiving and Home Health Software Solutions

Caregiving apps are essential to help caregivers cope with the daily challenges of caring for someone who needs assisted care.…

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Can AR Help the Healthcare Sector

Can AR Help the Healthcare Sector? 8 Benefits of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented reality delivers a promise towards a better future. In fact, AR is considered one of today's booming technologies. By…

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data exchange networks

Data Exchange Networks: Benefits, Risks, & Challenges

Nowadays, computer systems have become more interconnected. The technology behind data exchange networks has evolved to a point where system…

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