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5 Key Factors For A Company To Rely On An Online Fax System

Conventional fax machines present a set of limitations in carrying secure transmission of documents. Moreover, with more and more adoption of digital modern technology, fax by internet fax services online or fax over IP (FoIP) is gaining momentum. This has simultaneously also reduced the once widespread usage of traditional fax machines.


5 Key Factors Why Companies Should Rely on Online Fax Systems

Without waiting for further ado, let’s see the important factors for companies or agencies who have to deal with sensitive and confidential documents can rely on online fax system.

1) Save Time & Money

Traditional fax machines incur lots of additional cost for a company. The expense associated with paper, ink toner, fixed phone line cost, other accessories and of course, periodic maintenance of fax machines can lead to empty your pockets from time to time.

On the contrary, online fax services require zero maintenance charge. Furthermore, you can send and receive faxes automatically through your desktop computer, tablet or even smartphone. With cloud-based fax service available, now you can easily eradicate the hefty fax equipment from the office and even piles of fax pages that might produce hindrance in your day to day work.

2) Easy Confidential File Transfer

Haven’t we all once had to stand by the fax machine while receiving an important document or a confidential fax file just to ensure that no one else gets to take a peek into the content?

You can be completely relieved with the online fax as the incoming faxes are directly sent to your mailbox of the intended recipient. Hence, you don’t have to worry about onlookers when you receive sensitive faxes.

3) Send Huge Faxes Instantly

At times, old fax machines have proven not to be supportive and user-friendly when you needed to send the fax in large quantities of documents. We all know about the paper jammed issue, leaving you with no other option than to shut down the machine and start all over again.

On the other hand, online fax mechanism allows you to send as many documents as you wish without any hassle. Not only you’ll be saving your valuable time but also cost over the wastage of paper. You can even send the faxes to multiple recipients or to a department for say at the same time helping you to increase productivity and efficiency in the organization.

4) FoIP Let’s Your Company Be More Responsive

Unlike the traditional fax machine, you don’t have to be present and stand-guard the mobile fax machines while sending or receiving fax documents.

Online faxing allows you to send and receive faxes online anytime, anywhere using your mobile devices. This means that you can stay on top of your office fax activities and respond to clients via faxes even while you are on the go. This significantly improves the role of being more reactive and responsive when looked through the organization point of view.

5) No More Fixed Phone Lines

In old age fax machines, if you get the busy signal, inevitably you had to wait to get your faxes transmitted. Modern fax technology depends upon the IP network rather than the landline telephone, due to this you can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously without the busy signal.


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