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fax user management ifax
February 15, 2023

Fax User Management: Managing User Accounts and Permissions

With the iFax fax user management feature, you can set up and configure secure fax user accounts in minutes. Let's…

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fax inbox for ifax featured image

Fax Inbox Guide: Best Practices to Streamline Your Workflow

Like an email inbox, an online fax inbox is a virtual space where you can store and manage incoming faxes.…

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GLBA compliant fax

GLBA-Compliant Fax: Online Fax for Financial Institutions

GLBA compliance is a must for financial institutions operating in the US. That's why iFax meets all regulatory standards under…

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Fax Notifications: Set Up and Configure Message Alerts

Back in the day, it was almost impossible to miss incoming faxes. If you were expecting one, you had to…

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military-grade encryption iFax

Military-Grade Encryption for Secure Online Faxes

Protect your sensitive documents with military-grade encryption when you send online faxes with iFax. Keep your information secure while still…

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personalized faxing using ifax

Personalized Fax: Make Every Customer Interaction a Success

If you want attention-grabbing messages, consider sending personalized fax. Apart from ensuring that the message is read and understood, it…

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Fax Dashboard: Monitor Online Fax Activity

Managing faxes doesn't need to be cumbersome. There's a straightforward solution for that. With the fax dashboard, you can monitor…

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outgoing fax

Outgoing Faxes: Tips for Managing Outbound Documents

When transmitting business fax in bulk, you want to ensure that all of the documents are successfully delivered to the…

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fax from gmail

Fax From Gmail: A Quick and Simple Way to Send Documents

There’s a longstanding debate on which communication tool is better for businesses: email or fax. Some users prefer email because…

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