Internet Fax – 5 Essential Things To Know About Online Faxing

Internet Fax – 5 Essential Things To Know About Online Faxing

It goes with many names for say, online fax, internet fax, electronic fax (e-fax), web fax, email fax and at times even computer fax. Regardless of what you may refer to it as online faxing has picked up the pace and became the best tool to optimize office process.

There are several reasons as to why the modern way of faxing has gone popular among startups, entrepreneurs and corporates around the globe. We have listed some of the important aspects of online faxing below.


Fax Facts:

  1. Way to Paperless
  2. Anywhere, Anytime
  3. Pocket-friendly
  4. Safe & Secure
  5. Boost to Business

1) Way To Paperless:

Similar to e-mail, online fax is also nothing more but than sending and receiving faxes in digital or computerized form. Since, there is no fax machine, ink, toner, the fixed phone line is involved, not only it saves valuable resources but also paves the way in becoming an eco-friendly way of faxing.  

Additionally, internet faxes are sent as an email attachment usually in a tiff or pdf file but there are many other types of formats also which is allowed by different online faxing solution providers.

2) Anywhere, Anytime:

Internet fax is more convenient as compared to the traditional way of faxing because, web-based faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere, anytime, even while you are on the go. As long as you are connected to the internet, any of your devices such as a smartphone, PDA, netbook, laptop, tablet, etc can act as your portable fax machine.

A quick sign up process to create your online account and you are ready to send and receive fax online. Some online fax service also allows email program to send/receive your faxes as attachments. Many internet fax service providers have a desktop application or web application (web app) which you can download and install to fulfill your faxing needs.

3) Pocket-friendly:

As compared to a conventional fax machine, online fax is very cost effective. You can easily eliminate the expenses of the fax machine, fixed phone line, paper, ink and occasional breakdown charges. Moreover, internet fax plans start from as low as $3 or $4 per month to around $8 to $10. However, you always have a choice to opt as per your individual or business needs. Considerably, this is much lesser than operating a fax machine.

4) Safe & Secure:

Against every odds, online fax stands to remain correct for being more safe and secure than the regular faxing method. Sometime fax contains personal and confidential information as in the case of the healthcare industry, you can use encryption to send and receive your faxes. Furthermore, not only the intended recipient is going to receive it but also with only correct credentials they will be able to access it. This also helps in the negligence of overlooking a fax lying on the machine in the office bay. Plus, you can even store your faxes securely in the encrypted form if the same file or folders are accessible by many departments within the company or an organization.

5) Boost To Business:

Many of business owners fail to realize that online faxing will lead their business to the forefront of being competitive, productive and provides more visibility. A point to understand here is that with online fax service, your business is not bounded by 9 to 5 business hours to receive or send a fax, in other words, you are always available and reachable to your clients or customers 365 days of the year.

Not only you need to wait to receive that important fax but also all your faxes are now just a click away, anytime. Even your sales team or field agents are traveling or on the go, they can seamlessly access and are reachable no matter where they’re located.

If your core business marketing, sales and promotion strategy is depended upon faxes then internet faxing will drive more your company or business to be more competitive.

In a Nutshell:

In addition to above-listed things, online faxing absolutely easy to use. It is as simple as sending an email and more importantly, it is the more convenient way to send and receive all your company messages.

Whether you refer to it as ‘electronic faxes (e-faxes), internet fax, online fax or digital fax’, the only trustworthy name that rings a bell is “iFax”. iFax has become the industry leader in providing online fax services either to send and receive faxes online through its amazing features, speed, and efficiency.

iFax even offers you pay-per-fax facility or buy credits on a discounted price. iFax is available across 5 major platforms. iFax is the lowest cost way to fax. With over 2 million downloads, we remain the favorites among the users who want to send or receive online faxes may it be for personal or professional or business needs.

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