Online Fax: The New Pocket Friendly Face in The Business World

Online Fax: The New Pocket Friendly Face in The Business World

The traditional fax machines became a burden soon after the word ‘online’ took the toll. These machines weighed not only physically but also in terms of money. With increase in transaction, businesses and start-ups, a new way of fax was evolved. Today, we can send fax online. Online fax proved to be safe, quick, pocket friendly and convenient. It helped save money to a great extent. Some of the money saving points are listed below.


Money-saving Points:

  1. Saving cost of fax machine and accessories
  2. Saving cost of paper and phone line
  3. Great saving on greater number of fax


1. Saving cost of fax machine and accessories

Fax machine may costs up to $150 to $300. Along with it, comes the expense of toner and ink. Its usage again invites expenditure on maintenance and replacement of machine parts. Altogether, it’s a huge sum to pay. With online operation, all the physical hassles are gone. Online fax provides range of plans to select from, the minimum being $5 per month. With such cost, anyone is at ease to send fax.

2. Saving cost of paper and phone line

Fax in a way is an investment on paper. On an average any business spends approximately $200 annually on paper. Online fax goes eco-friendly and saves this expenditure. A separate line phone line needs to be acquired for operating fax machines. Again, the cost of these phones lines can be saved easily with online fax.

3. Great saving on greater number of fax

Traditionally, cost of sending fax was based on the location of the receiver. You could be charged higher for a longer distance. Sending bulk fax involved huge expense on paper. Online fax resolved both the issue. Fax to a number of contacts could be sent in just one click and with approximately same charge.

The question that still remains is ‘how to send fax online?’ Well! There are number of apps in the market to help you out. iFax is one of these popular apps.


It is an app to send fax online. It makes a way into your pocket easily since it can be downloaded on multiple platform and devices. Compatibility with all popular platforms like Android, Windows and mac gives it an advantage and authority over other such apps. It helps to take your business to a different level for the ease of being accessible 24*7. The app can be downloaded on handy devices like iPhone and iPad and used with just a click.

With this app, one can get an area code telephone number which can be easily linked with the business email for convenient use. Any fax can be sent to a number of receivers and confirmation can be received within minutes.

Traditionally, sending multiple documents over fax would take up your additional time and paper. ifax makes the procedure lucid and less expensive. There is option to attach the documents in the fax and send. You are lucky to be showered with all the exciting offers that come along with the app. You can select any fax number and use it 7 days for free. It allows you to avail the option of free faxes by referring your friends. So, keep growing your fax community and enjoy sending faxes, free of cost. Feel free to fax any kind of document as the app can accommodate and support all types of documents and all major image formats. All the details and history of all the faxes is stored in cloud, excusing you from using additional memory device.

The variety of plan ranges from few dollars to large number of faxes. Any individual or start up can start with the plan of minimal cost. As the business expands, one can easily switch to plan including more number of faxes. ifax was created keeping user convenience in mind. Availability on your phone makes it easier to operate.

Large and traditional businesses have paid and acquired fax machines for a long time but new and small businesses consider it an overhead. Fax machines are a strict no-no for startups. Saving money is an objective of every business and individual. The requirement is always to keep the expenses to the minimum without compromising the quality. Online fax saves money and time and is a perfect solution for the modern business. Online fax is the next big step for you to stay ahead in this competitive world. We have provided you with the answer to why and how to send faxes online. Go ahead, grab an exciting offer on ifax and get started with the safest mode of modern communication.

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