Biscom vs eFax

Biscom vs eFax

The main difference between Biscom and eFax is how they enable online faxing. Both providers are enterprise-level fax solutions. However, eFax is a purely cloud-based internet fax solution. Meanwhile, Biscom offers virtualized fax through an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid fax system.

Biscom vs eFax Comparison

eFax vs Biscom


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Biscom vs eFax

HIPAA Compliance

Both eFax and Biscom are HIPAA-compliant. 

eFax includes HIPAA compliance with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in its Corporate plan. This online fax provider protects your data using TLS 1.2 encryption, 256-bit AES, and secure IDs. It also employs Tier-3 servers with data redundancy features to prevent downtimes.

Biscom, on the other hand, offers audit trails, role-based access, authentication, and fax notifications to help you comply with HIPAA requirements. Also, this service uses FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption to ensure secure file transfers. Its cloud fax solution runs on Tier 4 data centers with 24/7 monitoring.

Sending a Fax

Biscom offers three flexible fax solutions for businesses. You can choose from its on-premise, hybrid, or cloud solutions. Its on-premise and hybrid solutions employ FoIP or Fax over IP and integrate with Cisco, Avaya, Notrel, Dialogic VoIP networks, and media gateways. Meanwhile, its Cloud Fax lets you send faxes using email or Dropbox. You can also fax directly from its web portal or mobile apps for Android and iOS.

As an alternative to Biscom, eFax is a purely cloud-based solution that lets you fax by email, web, and iOS, Android, or desktop.

EHR and EMR Integration

Fax integration with electronic health or medical record systems helps your staff work more efficiently and keeps your data secure. Subscribe to eFax Corporate if you need fax integration with EHR or EMR systems. Integration is done through API, which allows you to manage faxes, users, accounts, and fax numbers. 

Biscom offers a convenient eFax alternative for EHR and EMR integrations. The software directly integrates with EPIC, Cerner Millenium, and Hewlett Packard’s Digital Healthcare, even without an API. This fax service also integrates with Centricity, Siemens, and MFP systems. Nonetheless, it has an API available should you need to integrate faxing with other systems.

Document Signing

Some internet fax providers already include digital signing technology in their fax plans. Unfortunately for Biscom, it lacks support for electronic signatures, meaning there’s no option to sign faxes and add electronic signatures. As an alternative to eFax, the latter has the edge because of its integrated eSignature feature.

That said, eFax makes it easier for you to affix signatures to faxes. All it takes is swiping your finger on the screen or uploading a scanned image of your wet signature. This fax service also lets you save your previously used signatures for future use.

Biscom vs eFax

Fax Numbers

eFax lets you choose from local and toll-free numbers from thousands of cities worldwide. Meanwhile, Biscom offers local or toll-free numbers. Its current online documentation doesn’t mention if you can choose an international fax number.


Optical character recognition technology allows you to extract texts from a fax image and convert them into a machine-readable format. You can edit, copy, and paste the extracted texts however you want. Both Biscom Cloud Fax and eFax Corporate have this functionality.

Plans and Pricing 

eFax provides two subscription plans: eFax Pro at $15.79 per month plus a $10 setup fee for 200 pages and Corporate. The second option offers customized pricing for large businesses and enterprises. eFax can also tailor its Corporate plan to fit your organization’s compliance and fax volume requirements. 

Biscom, on the other hand, offers three fax products: On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid. The cost of these fax solutions varies, so you will have to consider your budget and specific needs before requesting a quote.

Biscom vs eFax

Comparing Biscom and eFax

While Biscom and eFax offer HIPAA-compliant solutions, their approaches to internet faxing differ significantly. 

eFax provides a purely cloud-based platform. On the other hand, Biscom might be more suitable for those who need flexible options since it delivers on-premise, cloud, or hybrid fax solutions. One advantage of Biscom is direct integration with EHR and EMR systems. As for eFax, it’s best at offering users an intuitive web interface wherein they can conveniently send, sign, and receive faxes online.

Choosing the Best eFax and Biscom Alternative

Your choice for internet fax can go beyond Biscom and eFax. If you need an affordable, HIPAA-compliant, and comprehensive enterprise fax solution, consider iFax. It’s the best eFax and Biscom alternative to date.

Our cloud-based faxing service offers advanced features, including digital signatures, OCR technology, EHR and EMR integration, email-to-fax, and even toll-free fax. With iFax, you can fax from anywhere at any time, as it has dedicated apps you can install on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Add to that the fact that you can quickly scale your fax usage. 

It’s high time to experience the convenience and efficiency that only iFax can offer. 

Sign up for an iFax account now.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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