concord vs westfax

Concord vs WestFax

The main difference between Concord and WestFax is the price. WestFax is a cost-effective alternative to Concord, making it suitable for businesses looking to fax more pages at an affordable cost.

Concord and WestFax Comparison

WestFax vs Concord


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Free Mobile Apps

eSignature Tool

Number Porting










Fixed fee

Concord vs WestFax

The in-depth Concord vs WestFax comparison below can help you decide which fax service is better suited for your business.

HIPAA and Security Certifications

Concord and WestFax are HIPAA-compliant fax providers that offer a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for healthcare organizations and businesses.

Aside from meeting HIPAA requirements, Concord is SOC 2 Type Compliant, HITRUST Certified, and PCI Self Certified. It uses SSL/TLS and AES-256 encryption and houses its data centers in highly restricted buildings. 

WestFax offers a secure fax service with PCI-DSS Level 1, SOC 2 Type 2, and HITRUST certifications. Its data centers are protected by 24/7 monitoring using guards, video surveillance, and biometric controls. 

Print to Fax

Concord provides a Print2Fax feature, allowing one-click faxing from any Windows application that supports print. Print2Fax installs like any other software and displays like other printers on your computer. You can send faxes from Microsoft Office and other Windows apps. 

WestFax offers a similar feature with its Print to Fax driver. You can install it on any Windows desktop. Like Concord Print2Fax, the WestFax Print to Fax driver simulates a regular printer and lets you fax from any Windows application that supports print.

Mobile Faxing

WestFax lets you fax using dedicated iOS and Android apps. You won’t need to open and log in your browser when accessing WestFax. 

As a WestFax alternative, Concord doesn’t offer mobile apps. You can access Concord Cloud Fax through its web app or email-to-fax option if you need to fax away from your desktop computer or workstation.


Unfortunately, neither Concord nor WestFax lists digital signature capabilities in its list of features. You must sign your faxes manually or use a third-party service before uploading the fax document.

API and Developer Support

WestFax lets you integrate faxing into any app or system using its API. You only need to register as a developer to start API access. However, the API is only available to HIPAA 1500 and Fax 1500 plan users and above. 

You can also register to Concord’s developer portal for API access to Concord Cloud fax. Also, it doesn’t include the said feature on its published rates online. You may have to pay to access its API.

Concord vs WestFax


WestFax integrates with Epic’s electronic health records (EHR) system, Google Enterprise, and other apps that support printing. You can also use its API to integrate faxing with other apps. Concord doesn’t mention native integration with Epic or Google. However, the Print2Fax option lets you integrate it with apps that support printing, while the API enables you to use it with EHR systems.

Fax Numbers and Porting

Concord offers toll-free and local numbers. It also lets you port a local number from specific countries. You can initiate a request on its Cloud Fax Web Portal. However, it’s worth noting that the fax service charges a fee for its porting feature, and the cost will depend on how many numbers you wish to port.

WestFax is the more cost-effective alternative to Concord for fax numbers and porting. With it, number porting is free. You will also get a toll-free or local number by availing any of its HIPAA-compliant fax plans.

Pricing and Plans

WestFax considers different budgets with its eight monthly plans, four of which are HIPAA-enabled: 

  • Basic: $8.99/500 pages
  • Fax 1500: $29.95/1,500 pages
  • Fax 3k: $59.95/3,000 pages
  • Enterprise: Custom
  • HIPAA Basic: $14.99/500 pages
  • HIPAA 1500: $39.95/1,500 pages
  • HIPAA 3k: $69.95/3,000 pages
  • HIPAA Enterprise: Custom

Concord is the costlier alternative to WestFax, costing as low as $0.05/page. It offers three monthly plans:

  • FaxPro 100: $10.95/100 pages
  • FaxPro 300: $14.95/300 pages
  • FaxPro 1000: $49.95 for 1,000 pages 
Concord vs WestFax

Comparing Concord and WestFax

Concord and WestFax are trusted names in digital fax. However, WestFax is the better choice for businesses looking for a more budget-friendly option. WestFax, like Concord, is also missing an electronic signature feature. However, between the two, the latter can cater to those looking for a reliable fax solution but on a tight budget.

The Best WestFax and Concord Alternative

iFax is the best internet fax service for healthcare organizations. With transparent pricing and advanced features, it beats its rivals in secure faxing. 

With iFax, you can leverage the following features to streamline your fax workflow:

  • HIPAA compliance with BAA
  • Free number porting
  • Cloud Storage integration
  • Fax broadcasting
  • OCR technology
  • Digital signature
  • Zapier and HubSpot integration
  • Programmable API
  • 24/7 customer support

Choose a plan now or book a free demo.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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