Faxage vs MetroFax

Faxage vs MetroFax

The main difference between Faxage and MetroFax is that Faxage offers more features than its counterpart. Faxage is a HIPAA-compliant solution with convenient API and digital signature features. MetroFax is best for US and Canada subscribers who need a straightforward fax solution.

Faxage vs MetroFax Comparison

MetroFax vs FAXAGE


Pricing (starts at)

HIPAA Compliance

Mobile Apps

eSignature Tool



$11.95 per month for 500 pages






$3.49 per line





Faxage vs MetroFax


Faxage and MetroFax differ greatly in security features. Faxage provides strong security with TSL/SSL encryption and a physical facility with UPS and a generator, ensuring your data remains safe and accessible. Faxing via email is also protected using PGP encryption. As an extra layer of security, you can deliver your faxes by sending a secure link rather than attaching the fax document to your email. It also protects its PDFs using AES encryption. 

As an alternative to Faxage, MetroFax lacks security features. It banks on the often-mentioned fact that Internet fax is more secure than traditional faxing. However, the platform doesn’t explicitly discuss how it protects data except for a brief mention of data encryption. 

HIPAA Compliance

It’s not surprising that MetroFax doesn’t claim to be HIPAA compliant since it lacks advanced security features to adhere to strict data privacy laws. If you want to fax protected health information (PHI) through an internet faxing provider, it’s better to choose another platform. Remember, unlike traditional post office couriers that only transmit and handle documents briefly, internet fax providers can store PHI. This is why the provider you choose must strictly comply with the standards set by HIPAA.

Thankfully, providers like Faxage can enable HIPAA compliance for your faxes. This fax service offers a BAA, making it a more suitable alternative to MetroFax. Upon emailing their support team for a signed BAA, Faxage should respond to you within one business day. Once you receive your BAA, you can set up your account for HIPAA compliance. Remember to choose strong passwords and enable other security features like access permissions.

Device Applications

Faxage and MetroFax offer different ways to send a fax. Faxage can send faxes through email, websites, mobile apps, and Microsoft Office. You can also use its API if you need to integrate faxing with your EHR or EMR system. However, user reviews for their mobile apps show that their web and email fax functions may work better than their mobile apps.

Meanwhile, MetroFax allows you to fax using mobile apps, web, or email. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer an API for system interoperability.

Electronic Signatures

Faxage is the better MetroFax alternative if you’re looking for an internet fax solution to help you digitally sign documents. You don’t need to look for another app since the fax service incorporates electronic signing into its platform. 

On the contrary, you’ll have to stick with manual document signing with MetroFax. Its platform doesn’t allow the direct signing of fax documents.

Fax Broadcasting

MetroFax’s fax broadcasting feature is limited to 50 recipients and 10 documents not exceeding 18 MB.

Meanwhile, Faxage’s fax broadcasting services are billed by the minute. Faxes should not exceed 5,000 minutes per line with a maximum of 3 lines. If you go beyond 5,000 minutes, the service will charge you 4 cents for each exceeding minute. 

Faxage vs MetroFax

Fax Numbers and Number Porting

MetroFax includes a US and Canada local or toll-free number in all its subscription plans. Number porting is free if you want to keep an existing fax number.

Faxage also offers local or toll-free US and Canada numbers. In addition to this, the platform sells lines. If you only have one line, all fax numbers go through that one line. However, you can avail of a second line for your fax number. You can also have additional phone numbers and set them up as shared department and employee fax numbers. As for number porting, Faxage offers it in exchange for a $20 one-time fee.

Pricing and Plans

Faxage bills by the minute. Answered calls are billed a one-minute minimum. After the first minute, you will be billed in six-second increments. According to them, this will help you save on faxing costs. You can also view the Faxage website for a detailed discussion of its plans. 

Since Faxage charges differently for toll-free and local numbers, you can start with:

  • Individual Lite and Toll-free lite: $3.49/line with an overage fee of $0.05/minute
  • Business Unlimited Inbound: $19.95/line with an overage fee of $0.05/minute
  • Volume with local number: $64.95/line with an overage fee of $0.04/minute, unlimited inbound, and 5,000 minutes outbound
  • Setup fee for all plans: $5.00

MetroFax’s pricing is more straightforward. You will get discounts if you choose annual pricing. This is the current rate if you choose to pay monthly:

  • Essential: $11.95/month for 500 pages
  • Value: $14.95/month for 1,000 pages
  • Professional: $37.95/month for 2,500 pages
  • Overage fee/page: $0.03
Faxage vs MetroFax

Comparing Faxage and MetroFax

When it comes to MetroFax vs Faxage, the choice boils down to your needs. If you need a simple and affordable faxing platform, then MetroFax is for you. However, if you need advanced features and HIPAA compliance, then Faxage is the better choice. 

While specific features like API and digital signatures may seem “nice to have” but not must-haves, you’ll find them helpful, especially if you want to increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining your faxing process.

What’s the Best MetroFax and Faxage Alternative?

You don’t need to get stuck between MetroFax and Faxage. iFax merges the best features of both internet fax providers, offering HIPAA compliance and advanced faxing capabilities at an affordable cost. 

Starting at $25 per month for 1,000 pages, you can already fax to any number locally and internationally. You’ll also be able to:

  • Get a toll-free or local number
  • Use the iFax app on Android or iOS
  • Use API to integrate faxing into existing software and apps
  • Send and receive faxes by email
  • Route a fax to a specific department or staff

So why choose another when iFax is just as good, if not better? 

Start a trial account now, or get a demo.

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