FaxBurner vs MyFax

The main difference between FaxBurner and MyFax is that FaxBurner has a free plan with a disposable fax number, making it ideal for random faxing, while MyFax offers low-cost plans with better privacy and security.



 PricingHIPAA ComplianceSecure Fax TransmissionsFax BroadcastingeSignatureTool
MyFax$12 for 10 pagesNoYesYesNo
Faxburner$12.95 for 500 pagesNoYesNoYes

Consider these key features when comparing
FaxBurner and MyFax

FaxBurner vs MyFax

Pricing and Plans

MyFax has three types of plans: Home Office User, Small Business User, and Power User. You can choose any of these plans to enjoy features such as email-to-fax, 24/7 customer support, and free local and toll-free fax numbers. For only $12 per month, you can fax up to 100 pages. Custom plans are also available upon request.

Meanwhile, FaxBurner has a free version with 24-hour access to a disposable fax number and up to 25 pages of monthly fax allocations. You can upgrade to any of its monthly subscriptions if you need a permanent number and a higher fax page volume. Pricing for its paid subscriptions starts at $12.95 a month.

HIPAA Compliance

Both FaxBurner and MyFax do not comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. These two online fax providers are great for standard business faxing but cannot be used to secure files containing confidential or sensitive patient details.

Like FaxBurner, MyFax does not meet HIPAA’s privacy and security requirements. Plus, neither of these services will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to ensure accountability and safe handling of protected health information (PHI).

FaxBurner vs MyFax
FaxBurner vs MyFax

Fax to Multiple Recipients

MyFax allows faxing to multiple recipients, but you must note that it limits the number of recipients to 50. With such functionality, you can save time faxing by having your fax delivered to multiple people at once.

FaxBurner, on the other hand, can only send to one recipient at a time, making it a less ideal MyFax alternative, especially when it comes to sending faxes in bulk.

Fax Number Provisions

All of MyFax’s paid plans include a free local or toll-free fax number, which is permanent for as long as you remain a paid user. It also lets you choose a local number with your desired area code. Additionally, this service offers international fax numbers, which will benefit those who want to expand their business overseas. If you need to keep your current number, you can also port it to MyFax. The transfer process should take around 4-6 weeks.

For FaxBurner, you can either choose to have a temporary number by signing up for its free plan or acquire a permanent fax number by upgrading to a paid subscription. The provisional number’s validity is only 24 hours, and you cannot use it to receive faxes with sensitive information. 

FaxBurner vs MyFax

Attaching Digital Signatures

Only FaxBurner has the eSignature capability. In your account, you can add and save multiple signatures. Plus, it lets you sign documents in a single tap. Conversely, MyFax lacks the option to add electronic signatures to documents. Still, you can do the traditional way of adding wet signatures or use a third-party electronic signature service like Fill.

Fax Status Monitoring

With MyFax, you can check the real-time delivery status of your fax transmissions, including those that failed to send. Also, its online platform lets you view incoming or outgoing faxes, manage your account, and update billing information. 

As for FaxBurner, you can configure your fax settings in its web portal. It also displays a detailed list of the faxes you’ve received and sent. 

FaxBurner vs MyFax
FaxBurner vs MyFax

Cloud Storage Integration

MyFax lets you store faxes conveniently online as PDFs with your preferred cloud storage. You can directly import files from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. 

FaxBurner cannot fax directly from Google Drive or other cloud storage platforms. Your next best option would be to download the document and fax it by email as a PDF attachment.

Which Fax Service is better?

FaxBurner and MyFax differ in several ways, but your choice will ultimately depend on several factors, like how often you fax, your budget, and the specific features you require. 

For occasional faxing, FaxBurner is a good choice. It even assigns a disposable number that you can use to receive faxes for a limited time. Still, the features that it offers are limited. It cannot send faxes to multiple recipients. Also, you cannot integrate this service into your cloud storage or existing business app. 

In terms of flexibility, MyFax is a better alternative to FaxBurner because it comes with premium features, including EHR and EMR integration, as well as fax number porting and scheduling. You can even have an international fax number or choose a toll-free number without the additional landline fees.

FaxBurner vs MyFax

iFax is a Compliant Faxburner Alternative

Fully Compliant

All fax transmissions comply with federal laws, including the ECPA, HIPAA, and GLBA.

Cost Effective

For just $25 per month, get 1,000 fax pages and unlimited local or international fax broadcasting.

Optimed Workflows

Maximize workflow productivity with fax scheduling, automation, team and email faxing features.

“I would definitely recommend them”

“Our organization has been using this iFax service for a few months now which has been working very well. The customer service team are excellent, they have been very helpful in explaining our usage and how we can benefit from upgrading to a better package that will cost us less instead of trying to sell us more than we need.”
Shamin R.
Digital Marketing Mentor
“Easy to use”
“It was great and easy to use. I will use it again. I didn’t have to go anywhere to fax or provide my credit card number.”
Jacinda T., Medical Records (Hospital & Health Care)

“For Medicals”

““iFax has helped us make that transition into a paperless reality. Ifax support is always kind and fast to respond to my emails.”

Syed H., Consultant Physician (Medical Practice)


Switch to iFax and never worry about violating privacy laws

With Our HIPAA-compliant fax service, you never have to worry about compliance in your fax communication.

It’s somewhat safe for basic faxing. MyFax employs basic security protocols, including Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), to encrypt attached files and authenticate messages with electronic signatures. It also uses password-protected web pages to protect fax transmissions. However, MyFax doesn’t support faxing documents containing sensitive patient information.

FaxBurner uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure important documents. It also applies TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols to prevent cyberattacks from leaking your sensitive data.

Yes you can. FaxBurner utilizes a ‘Mobile first’ approach via iOS and Android platforms. Its device application allows you to take a quick snap, scan, and attach the documents you need to fax.