FaxCore vs. Retarus

The main difference between FaxCore and Retarus is their deployment model. FaxCore offers on-premise and hybrid deployment for its fax solution, while Retarus has cloud-based deployment, which allows for cost savings while meeting business demands.

FaxCore vs Retarus


 Price Per PageHIPAA ComplianceeSign on FaxFax BroadcastingFax API
RetarusCustom pricingYesYesYesYes

Deep Dive Into FaxCore vs Retarus

FaxCore vs Retarus

Security and HIPAA compliance

Both fax service providers are ideal for healthcare providers to use.

FaxCore employs an AES-256 symmetric algorithm to encrypt sensitive and confidential files. It also has multi-layered encryption protection with Sigle Sign-On (SSO) integration from established security providers such as Azure Active Directory, Okta, and SecureAuth. 

Retarus, on the other hand, utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS), AES 256-bit, PGP, and X.509 to protect sensitive documents and medical records. It also lets you use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the Retarus Enterprise Cloud.

Seamless user experience

FaxCore’s user experience is streamlined and efficient. Its user-friendly interface allows easy access, making it easier for users to view, manage, and retrieve records anywhere.

As for Retarus, it offers a great user experience because of its highly customizable and flexible fax solutions. With numerous features available, users can tailor the service to suit their requirements. 

FaxCore vs Retarus
FaxCore vs Retarus

Retarus is better at electronically signing fax

Unfortunately, FaxCore does not have the capabilities of digital signing. Fortunately, the FaxCore alternative, Retarus, can digitally sign faxes, delivering a premium client experience.

Extensive API and developer support

FaxCore provides a comprehensive API, integrating faxing capabilities into existing applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. Businesses leveraging this feature can refer to its detailed API documentation with clear examples and specific guidelines.

With Retarus, developers can integrate faxing features such as sending faxes, managing contacts, tracking delivery status, and accessing reporting data into their respective applications. Their API documentation provides detailed information on endpoints, usage examples, parameters, and authentication methods.

FaxCore vs Retarus
FaxCore vs Retarus

Effortless outreach at the click of a button

FaxCore and Retarus both have advanced fax broadcasting capabilities that allow users to create distribution lists and send faxes to multiple recipients. Their fax scheduling features also enable users to carefully plan the delivery of their faxes at specific times and intervals, which allows them to reach as many recipients within the best possible time.

With fax scheduling and broadcasting, users can effectively manage their faxes, ensuring increased delivery success rates.

FaxCore and Retarus Pricing

One critical aspect in comparing FaxCore and Retarus is the price. Your choice must consider the fax solution’s cost-effectiveness and long-term value. With FaxCore, there’s no direct mention of the fax service’s pricing on its website, but Capterra states that it has a free trial. Should you continue using the service after the trial period, you must pay $60 monthly for 500 pages.

As for Retarus, there are no fixed or one-time plans. The pricing usually varies and greatly depends on the features and page volumes. Availing the service requires getting in touch with their sales team to get a customized quote.

FaxCore vs Retarus

Which HIPAA-compliant fax service is better? 

Comparing Retarus vs FaxCore, there is no doubt that both cater to a specific target audience. If your organization prefers fax servers with hybrid or on-premise deployment, choosing FaxCore would be best. 

Retarus would suit companies or businesses better, especially those seeking a complete cloud-based yet secure and compliant faxing experience. If neither fits the bill, you can always look for an alternative.

That’s where iFax comes in.

FaxCore vs Retarus

iFax as the best alternative to FaxCore and Retarus

Fax from anywhere

All it takes is a mobile device and a browser to send faxes to local and international recipients. There are no complicated setups or required software installations.

Fax automation

iFax, through Zapier, can effortlessly integrate fax into CRM and productivity apps. Streamline tasks and save time by faxing directly from Salesforce, ClickUp, and Slack.

Robust security

Keep threats under control with military-grade security and advanced encryption technology. iFax ensures secure document transmissions with 99.999% uptime.

Glad I found iFax

“Faxing is not necessarily a thing of the past. And when you need it, it needs to be quick and easy without the headache of maintaining a fax machine. iFax is the perfect fit.“

Jerry R., Telecommunications

“Easy to use”
“It was great and easy to use. I will use it again. I didn’t have to go anywhere to fax or provide my credit card number.”
Jacinda T., Medical Records (Hospital & Health Care)

“For Medicals”

““iFax has helped us make that transition into a paperless reality. Ifax support is always kind and fast to respond to my emails.”

Syed H., Consultant Physician (Medical Practice)


Switching to iFax saves money, time, and resources

Faxing using our secure and modern platform offers unparalleled benefits and convenience. You can even use your existing email to send and receive a fax. Or better yet, transform your iOS or Android phone into a portable faxing device.

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent. My team and I always get great support from the team whenever an issue needs to be dealt with.”

John M., CIO (Medical Practice)

Yes, definitely. Both services support fax broadcasting and scheduling, allowing you to schedule and send bulk faxes at the most convenient time. 

FaxCore even offers advanced fax broadcasting capabilities that allow users to create distribution lists and send faxes to multiple recipients. As for fax scheduling, users can choose a specific date and time to deliver their fax messages. 

Retarus, on the other hand, enables businesses to reach their target audience effectively and on time. Users can also sort recipients by group, allowing them to send faxes to specific audience segments.