FaxLogic vs CocoFax

FaxLogic vs CocoFax

The main difference between FaxLogic and CocoFax is how they offer fax as a business solution. While both services can fax documents over the Internet, FaxLogic can connect to an existing fax machine without a phone line. With CocoFax, you can fax using any device that connects to the Internet.

FaxLogic and CocoFax Comparison

CocoFax vs FaxLogic


Starting Price

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

eSignature Tool

Developer Fax API


$4.99 per month



Yes, via CocoSign



$6.95 per month





FaxLogic vs CocoFax

Here’s a more detailed comparison of FaxLogic vs CocoFax.


Built for safer fax transmissions, FaxLogic collects all user data and files securely with 128-bit AES encryption. The online fax provider also provides 256-bit AES encryption to maintain compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, and other industry regulations.

Meanwhile, CocoFax also enables 256-bit advanced encryption every time you send and receive faxes. Like FaxLogic, this fax service employs sophisticated encryption techniques to maintain data integrity in case of unauthorized access. You can also use two-factor authentication to mitigate the possibility of password-related breaches.

User Experience

FaxLogic delivers a faxing experience that rivals today’s mainstream cloud-based fax services. What’s great about it is it simplifies document transmissions through faxing minus the additional expense of paying for a dedicated phone line. It also provides a suite of features that can enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

As for CocoFax, you don’t have to go to the office supplies store or download third-party apps for hassle-free faxing. Because of its clean and sleek interface, it can be an excellent FaxLogic alternative for your specific faxing needs.

HIPAA Compliance

As stated on its website, FaxLogic duly abides by the regulations set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. It also commissions a third-party audit firm to conduct rigorous SOC 2 Type II audits, demonstrating its commitment to meet the strict standards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive healthcare information. Yet, there’s no clear information regarding its Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and whether it will provide one upon request.

CocoFax’s website, on the other hand, clearly states that those who intend to use the service for healthcare documents must obtain a signed business associate agreement. Once CocoFax signs a BAA, you can readily use its advanced control features to ensure the safe handling of sensitive health data.

Electronic Signatures

FaxLogic markets itself as a complete business fax solution, yet it lacks the option to allow the effortless signing of faxes. If you want to add a signature to a document before faxing, you must do it the old-fashioned way. You must print a paper copy, sign it, and upload it to FaxLogic using your multifunction printer and fax machine.

CocoFax is a feature-loaded fax service, but for adding electronic signatures, you’ll need to use its sister product, CocoSign. Integrating the two would require creating a CocoSign account. 

FaxLogic vs CocoFax

Local and Vanity Fax Numbers

New FaxLogic users may retain their current fax number or pick from an array of local and toll-free fax numbers. There’s no limit since you can choose as many numbers as you need and consolidate them into one account under your preferred plan.

With CocoFax, the number porting process lasts two to four weeks, depending on the carrier you’re switching from. Besides getting a free local or toll-free number, this service also offers convenient fax number management, making it easier to delete, update, or add new numbers for existing contacts.

Pricing and Plans

FaxLogic pricing

With FaxLogic, the rates differ depending on the device you’re using. You can either fax via a computer or a fax machine.

  • Personal Virtual Fax Plans start at $6.95 per month
  • Personal Fax Machine Plans start at $14.95 per month
  • Group Virtual Plans start at $49.95 per month for 5 users
  • Group Fax Machine Plans start at $59.95 per month for 5 users
  • Fax Line Replacement Plans start at $9.95 per month

The starting price of $6.95 monthly lets you send up to 20 fax pages and receive up to 80 fax pages. There is also an Enterprise plan available for clients with custom faxing requirements.

CocoFax pricing

  • Lite starts at $4.99 per month for 60 pages
  • Basic starts at $9.99 per month for 200 pages
  • Premium starts at $16.99 per month for 400 pages
  • Business starts at $24.99 for 1,200 pages
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing)

It’s also worth noting that CocoFax charges $0.05 – $0.2 per additional page. Rates will vary depending on your subscription.

FaxLogic vs CocoFax

CocoFax vs FaxLogic: The Verdict

Comparing FaxLogic and CocoFax, both offer solutions that can optimize your faxing experience. With CocoFax, you can fax directly from email or any device with a stable Internet connection. You can also do faxing on the go with its dedicated Android and iOS applications.

If you want a hybrid approach to faxing, eliminating phone lines while keeping the fax machines, you’re better off choosing FaxLogic. Besides being a cheaper alternative to CocoFax, it allows for flexible configurations that would incorporate well with your existing systems and workflows.

iFax: Best Alternative to FaxLogic and CocoFax

Depending on your fax needs and demands, you can rely on FaxLogic and CocoFax to send faxes with sensitive information. But why choose one over the other when there’s iFax? 

With iFax, you can say goodbye to complicated setups and incorporate faxing capabilities into any system or app. More importantly, you can fax forms and records containing sensitive data while complying with HIPAA, GLBA, and other relevant industry regulations. 

If you want to fax more while paying less, then go ahead and select an iFax plan that suits your needs best. Or, you can contact sales for a free tailored demo.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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