FaxPlus vs. Retarus

The main difference between FaxPlus and Retarus is their pricing and target markets. FaxPlus primarily targets businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective plans. Retarus caters to enterprise-level organizations and companies across various industries.

FaxPlus vs Retarus


 Price Per PageHIPAA ComplianceeSign on FaxFax OCRFax API
RetarusCustom pricingYesYesYesYes

Deep Dive Into Retarus vs FaxPlus

FaxPlus vs Retarus

Which fax service is more secure?

FaxPlus stores all the faxed documents in a highly secure Swiss data center, safe from intrusions and data leaks. It also uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on its platform to secure data at rest. The online fax service also employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to safeguard its fax transmissions.

Meanwhile, Retarus uses Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) for its enterprise cloud. It fortifies business communications with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), X.509 authentication, and PGP.

Which fax service is HIPAA compliant?

Both FaxPlus and Retarus are HIPAA compliant. On top of offering to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), the two fax services employ additional security measures such as encryption, access, and audit controls to help ensure the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI).

FaxPlus vs Retarus
FaxPlus vs Retarus

Redefining faxing without the fax machines

Seamlessly navigate through the intuitive interfaces of FaxPlus and Retarus. From effortless faxing to speedy document deliveries, you can count on these two fax services to deliver a faxing experience that resonates with your modern workflow requirements.

Fax integration made effortless

FaxPlus offers a programmable API for you to automate fax-related processes within existing software applications, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall user experience.

As an alternative to FaxPlus, Retarus offers an API that enables developers to integrate faxing functionalities into their software and apps. Their API provides features for sending and receiving faxes, managing fax transmissions, and many more. 

FaxPlus vs Retarus
FaxPlus vs Retarus

Seamlessly schedule and broadcast faxes

Both FaxPlus and Retarus offer fax broadcasting and scheduling. The two cloud fax providers can help boost your engagements and effortlessly reach your target audience on a specified date and time.

Retarus is better at extracting fax data

As an alternative to Retarus, FaxPlus does not currently have a Fax OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. This feature allows users to convert received faxes into editable and searchable texts. 

For OCR faxing, Retarus makes a better choice. With its fax-to-text conversion technology, you will never have to worry about extracting texts from faxes.

FaxPlus vs Retarus
FaxPlus vs Retarus

FaxPlus and Retarus Pricing

FaxPlus offers four different pricing plans, namely:

  • Basic: $6.99 per month with 200 pages
  • Premium: $13.99 per month with 500 pages
  • Business: $27.99 per month with 1,000 pages
  • Enterprise: $79.99 per month with 4,000 pages

As a FaxPlus alternative, Retarus does not have fixed monthly or annual plans. The service offers custom pricing tailored to your specific needs and demands. 

Comparing FaxPlus and Retarus: Which is better?

In comparing FaxPlus and Retarus, it is essential to remember what you actually need. Both offer cloud-based fax services and robust security features that meet HIPAA regulations, protecting your sensitive and confidential information from prying eyes.

If you are looking for a fax solution with Fax OCR capabilities for faster information retrieval, then Retarus is your go-to option. FaxPlus is best if you want to keep your expenses low while still enjoying the benefits of faxing more pages.

Or, you can choose iFax.

FaxPlus vs Retarus

iFax is the better alternative to
FaxPlus and Retarus

Seamless integrations

Automate workflows with the help of Google Workspace, HubSpot, and Zapier integrations. Save time by streamlining processes and eliminating redundant tasks.

Military-grade encryption

Transmit protected health information (PHI) with advanced cryptographic techniques. iFax encrypts data at rest and in transit using complex algorithms for your ultimate peace of mind.

Free mobile fax apps

Stay connected and productive without being tied to the office fax machine. iFax has mobile and desktop apps that let you fax from anywhere, using only your phone or computer.

Glad I found iFax

“Faxing is not necessarily a thing of the past. And when you need it, it needs to be quick and easy without the headache of maintaining a fax machine. iFax is the perfect fit.“

Jerry R., Telecommunications

“Easy to use”
“It was great and easy to use. I will use it again. I didn’t have to go anywhere to fax or provide my credit card number.”
Jacinda T., Medical Records (Hospital & Health Care)

“For Medicals”

““iFax has helped us make that transition into a paperless reality. Ifax support is always kind and fast to respond to my emails.”

Syed H., Consultant Physician (Medical Practice)


Make the switch to iFax today and unlock a more convenient way to fax

Elevate your faxing game by switching to a streamlined digital faxing solution that
fits right in your pocket. 

“I was blown away at the free service and was even more impressed at all the additional services you can add for a low premium cost. For anyone doing business this is a must have for their entity.”

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Yes, both FaxPlus and Retarus provide robust fax-by-email functionality, making it possible to fax directly from your email.

FaxPlus makes faxing from any email client as easy as composing a standard email.

Retarus, on the other hand, offers two fax-by-email solutions. There’s Fax2Mail for receiving faxes as emails with PDF or TIFF attachments and Mail2Fax for sending faxes directly from any email client. 

Yes, like FaxPlus and Retarus, you can use iFax to eSign faxes. Our fax service offers a user-friendly interface for adding electronic signatures to documents. You can also make use of our platform’s auto-save functionality, ensuring the consistency of each signature signed.