FaxZero vs MetroFax

FaxZero vs MetroFax

The main difference between FaxZero and MetroFax is their market. FaxZero is primarily for users who need a free or low-cost outbound fax service for occasional faxing. Meanwhile, MetroFax is for businesses that need a monthly internet inbound and outbound fax plan.

FaxZero and MetroFax Comparison

MetroFax vs FaxZero


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Fax Numbers

Fax Broadcasting

eSign on Fax











FaxZero vs MetroFax

FaxZero vs MetroFax? Check out this detailed feature and pricing comparison.

Security and HIPAA Compliance

MetroFax and FaxZero are suitable only for businesses and users that don’t need to comply with HIPAA. Both providers say their faxes are encrypted, but ensuring HIPAA compliance involves other aspects such as audit trails, access controls, and regular risk assessments.

HIPAA requires that protected health information (PHI) in faxes remain secure, confidential, and private. This requirement can only be achieved with technical, physical, and administrative safeguards that both providers lack.

Sending a Fax

MetroFax allows you to fax using mobile apps, web, or email. Sending a fax can be as simple as sending an email. You only need to attach your fax to an email and send it. You receive incoming faxes as email attachments as well. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer an API, so you can’t fax within EHR systems or other apps.

As an alternative to MetroFax, FaxZero limits you to faxing via its website. It doesn’t offer mobile apps, fax via email, or an API. Just fill in the sender and receiver information on the FaxZero website, attach your files, type a message for the cover page, and click send to fax for free.


MetroFax and FaxZero do not offer digital signing features. Before faxing, you must manually sign your documents or use another electronic signature app.

Fax Broadcasting Limits

MetroFax offers fax broadcasting to up to 50 recipients. You can send a maximum of 10 documents not exceeding 18 MB. 

FaxZero is limited to one recipient with an attachment of up to three pages. You have to choose another provider for mass faxing. The combined file size should be 24.7 MB or less with a fax cover sheet or 25MB without a fax cover sheet. Premium users can send up to 25 pages plus an optional cover page.

Supported File Formats

MetroFax supports attachments in multiple file formats. You can send Windows-based documents, spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs, image files in TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and more. As a MetroFax alternative, FaxZero limits its attachments to PDF, DOC, or DOCX formats.

International Faxing

Both providers offer worldwide faxing. The FaxZero pegs its international at $2.09 per fax for one fax document with a maximum of 15 pages. As an alternative to FaxZero, MetroFax offers international send rates that vary per country and fax type. For instance, sending a fax to the UK costs $0.10 per page to a local number.

FaxZero vs MetroFax

Fax Numbers and Number Porting

FaxZero is only for outbound faxing. It doesn’t include fax lines to receive faxes. MetroFax is the better FaxZero alternative for outbound faxing. You can also choose from US and Canada toll-free and local numbers. 

MetroFax also includes number porting in all its plans if you want to keep your existing number.

Customer Support

MetroFax provides customer support through email or a website contact form. FaxZero provides an email address and an online FAQ page to address user concerns. However, you shouldn’t expect timely responses since this is a free fax service.

Fax Cover Page

With MetroFax, you can either use the default cover page or add a custom cover sheet. On the other hand, FaxZero enables you to type a message on your cover page. It also adds its logo and slogan at the top of the cover page. You can remove the FaxZero branding and add your own cover page by choosing to pay for a premium fax.

Pricing and Plans

MetroFax offers three monthly subscription plans with discounts for annual payments. Currently, this is the rate for their monthly plans:

  • Essential: $11.95 per month for 550 pages
  • Value: $14.95 per month for 1,050 pages
  • Professional: $37.95 per month for 3,000 pages

Faxing with FaxZero is free, but the fax service offers paid and international faxing starting at $2.09 per fax.

FaxZero vs MetroFax

Comparing FaxZero and MetroFax

Choosing between MetroFax vs FaxZero depends on your needs. Choose FaxZero if you only need to send a fax occasionally and if you want to fax on the fly without installing software or apps. You’ll save a lot on costs. However, if you need to fax regularly to multiple recipients, choose MetroFax.

The Best Alternative to MetroFax and FaxZero

While MetroFax and FaxZero are reliable internet fax solutions, iFax offers more advanced capabilities that both providers lack. Aside from being HIPAA compliant, our fax service provides the following:

  • Military-grade AES 256-bit and TLS encryption
  • High-definition faxes with custom cover pages
  • Fax broadcasting to unlimited recipients worldwide
  • Digital signing and OCR features
  • Configurable Fax API

Start your iFax demo now and see why it’s the top choice for businesses in need of a secure and scalable fax solution.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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