interfax vs myfax fax service comparison

Interfax vs MyFax

The main difference between Interfax and MyFax is their HIPAA compliance. Interfax is a fully HIPAA-compliant online faxing solution that you can use to transmit sensitive patient information. MyFax, despite its robust security properties, isn’t suitable for faxing healthcare-related documents.

Interfax and MyFax Comparison

MyFax vs Interfax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

Fax Broadcasting

EMR and EHR Integration





Yes – up to 50






Yes – up to 20,000


Interfax vs MyFax

Check out our full Interfax vs MyFax comparison below.


Interfax offers highly secure faxing solutions, encrypting data at rest and in transit. It uses TLS encryption and authentication via public and private keys. Also, its “delete on delivery” and audit trails are crucial for ensuring HIPAA compliance. 

MyFax, on the other hand, offers secure end-to-end fax transmissions using the latest encryption technologies. It also employs Pretty-Good-Privacy (PGP) encryption and has password-protected web pages. However, this fax service lacks support for two-factor authentication.

HIPAA Compliance

While Interfax and MyFax have robust security features, more is needed to make these services HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance requires that the provider is willing to enter into a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with the client. 

Interfax states that it’s HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant, ISO 270001 accredited, and PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Meanwhile, MyFax isn’t, so it’s best to look for MyFax alternatives that will allow you to fax while meeting HIPAA requirements.

User Experience

MyFax is simple to set up and use and has well-designed mobile apps. However, its web interface looks dated and could use an overhaul. Still, you can easily see options to view faxes, send faxes, and update your account right from the home page of your online dashboard. 

Interfax also boasts of an easy setup and a slightly more modern interface. It has an accessible sidebar menu, so you can quickly navigate and accomplish tasks without confusion. It also has a helpful dashboard that shows the total unread, pending, and expiring faxes. 

Interfax vs MyFax

Device Applications

Interfax only has a web application where you can send and receive faxes. It’s not accessible via other platforms like an Android or iOS app.

Meanwhile, the Interfax alternative, MyFax, has an iOS and Android app that you can use to access your fax account. It also allows you to send faxes by email, making it possible to use Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook for your faxing needs. Received faxes are stored as regular emails, which you can download as a PDF.

API and Developer Support

Interfax supports API integrations so that you can use them along your CRM, ERP, email platforms, sales platforms, and more. The integration is secure and auditable and uses REST and SOAP communication protocols. 

MyFax lacks this kind of extensive API integration. It doesn’t have a programmable fax API. However, it does integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365 for fax storage. 

Fax Broadcasting

Both Interfax and MyFax allow you to send faxes to multiple recipients at once. However, they differ in the number of recipients. MyFax can only send up to 50 recipients simultaneously, while Interfax can send up to 20,000 users in one go.

This feature saves you time, especially when communicating the same information with multiple clients or colleagues. Also, it ensures everyone receives the same data, leading to efficient communication and minimal discrepancies.

Pricing and Plans

MyFax has three basic plans starting at $12 per month. This is already good for 100 pages. If you need to fax more, you can get the Small Business Plan at $25 per month for 300 pages or the Power User at $45 per month for 600 pages. 

As an alternative to Myfax, Interfax has more flexible pricing options. It has the standard monthly plans that scale depending on the number of pages. The starting monthly plan is $9.95 per month for 100 pages and goes up to $42.95 per month for 500 pages. You can also subscribe to a custom plan that meets your specific needs.

If paying for a monthly plan isn’t what you want, you can opt for prepaid packages, from $10 for 91 pages to $250 for 3100 pages. 

Interfax vs MyFax

Verdict: Comparing Interfax and MyFax

If you need a HIPAA-compliant solution, it’s clear that Interfax is the winner of the two. The online fax service prides itself on being HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant. That’s on top of being PCI DSS Level 1 certified. The latter certifies Interfax’s compliance in processing, storing, and transmitting credit card information. 

Meanwhile, MyFax lacks HIPAA compliance and won’t provide a signed Business Associate Agreement. While it encrypts fax transmissions and provides audit trails, these security features aren’t enough without a BAA. Still, it meets the standards for faxing essential business and work documents, as long as you don’t use it to fax records containing sensitive or confidential health information.

The Best Alternative to Interfax and MyFax

If you’re still on the fence between these two solutions, there’s a better alternative to Interfax and MyFax. Check out iFax, a HIPAA-compliant online fax service with an intuitive and modern interface. Its full range of customization options lets you take complete control of your faxes. Plus, it supports multiple document formats and integrates easily with existing EHR and CRM systems. 

iFax lets you:

  • Fax documents in high volumes
  • Launch broadcast campaigns with detailed reports
  • Fax health records via email while adhering to HIPAA rules

Check out iFax today. Request a free demo.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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