MetroFax vs Concord

MetroFax vs Concord

The main difference between MetroFax and Concord is user experience. MetroFax’s clunky web interface could use some design improvements, while Concord offers a more intuitive platform with an intelligent document classification system.

MetroFax vs Concord Comparison

Concord vs MetroFax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance


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MetroFax vs Concord

Learn more about the features and pricing differences between Concord and MetroFax.


MetroFax’s website mentions cutting-edge servers that provide unparalleled security for document transmissions. However, the fax service has not elaborated on the type or level of security measures it employs to protect and encrypt its fax communications. You should think twice and exercise due diligence before using this service to fax confidential files.

Conversely, Concord utilizes 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for its HIPAA-compliant faxing service. It is also SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, a data security standard set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), further cementing its credibility. The fax service also employs physical and logical measures in its network, with data centers in highly restricted facilities.

HIPAA Compliance

MetroFax doesn’t claim nor mention to be HIPAA compliant since it does not explicitly say what security they are using to protect the data that they have in their platform. If you are in healthcare and want to fax protected health information (PHI), you’re better off finding alternatives that meet the federal law’s stringent requirements.

As a HIPAA-compliant MetroFax alternative, Concord offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for healthcare organizations and businesses handling PHI.

Device Applications

MetroFax supports mobile faxing through its dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. Concord, on the other hand, has a web app. Even if it lacks dedicated apps for phones and tablets, its web-based application will suffice. It will let you send and preview faxes for as long as your device has a web browser that can connect to the internet.


Both MetroFax and Concord do not offer eSignature tools. Should you need to get a signature affixed to a document, your best options would be to do it by hand or to use an electronic signature tool from a third party.

MetroFax vs Concord

API and Developer Support

MetroFax does offer API support, but it is only available in the US and Canada. Healthcare organizations and businesses from those countries can integrate MetroFax into their respective applications without restrictions.

As for Concord’s Fax API, users should register first before gaining access to its developer portal. They can then integrate and use the API for their applications using programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, .NET, etc. This way, medical organizations and businesses can monitor their faxes and extra data without leaving their existing platform.

Fax Broadcasting

As a concord alternative, MetroFax offers fax broadcasting but is limited to up to 50 recipients at once, with a maximum of 10 documents whose sizes do not exceed 18 MB. This would be helpful for healthcare organizations and businesses who want to streamline their workflow by sending multiple documents simultaneously.

On the other side, Concord also offers a fax broadcasting feature. There’s no specific mention on its official website about what its fax broadcasting feature can do or what its limitations are. 

Pricing and Plans

MetroFax offers three different pricing plans. Below are the respective plans provided by this fax service: 

  • Essential Plan: $11.95 per month for 550 pages
  • Value Plan: $14.95 per month for 1,050 pages
  • Professional Plan: $37.95 per month for 3,000 pages

Concord’s pricing and plans are designed to cater to businesses of any size with their respective budgets and needs. Its pricing plans include:

  • FaxPro 100: $10.95 per month for 100 pages
  • FaxPro 300: $14.95 per month for 300 pages
  • FaxPro 1000: $49.95 per month for 1,000 pages
MetroFax vs Concord

Comparing MetroFax and Concord

The features, pricing, and other vital functionalities of Concord and MetroFax differ, so having a general idea about which type of fax service to get can save you a lot of money and time. Choosing a secure and reputable fax service like Concord would be best if your business must comply with strict security and data privacy requirements.

As for MetroFax, it’s suitable for businesses looking to fax more document pages while saving on costs. This fax service offers uninterrupted faxing that eliminates the need for analog fax modems and outdated machines.

iFax: The Best Alternative to Concord and MetroFax

With flexible plans catering to professionals and businesses with diverse faxing requirements, you can count on iFax to get the job done. It’s the perfect alternative to MetroFax and Concord, especially if you want to streamline communications by integrating fax into your existing software applications.

With iFax, you can effortlessly sign, fax, and annotate faxes from any phone, computer, or tablet. It’s also HIPAA compliant, making it suitable for use in the healthcare setting.

Explore more of its features today by booking a free demo.

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