MetroFax vs. MyFax

The main difference between MetroFax and Myfax is that MetroFax is limited to Canadian and US users, while Myfax is more costly but offers live customer support, and dedicated international faxing apps.

metrofax vs myfax


 PricingHIPAA ComplianceSecure Fax TransmissionsFax BroadcastingFax API
MyFax$12 for 100 pagesNoYesYesNo
MetroFax$9.96 for 550 pagesNoYesYesYes

Feature breakdown of MetroFax and MyFax

Metrofax vs Myfax

International Faxing

Whether it’s Metrofax or Myfax, both services allow you to send faxes to other countries at various send rates. Unfortunately, as of this writing, neither have fully disclosed their international fax-sending rates.

Also, note that MetroFax doesn’t offer international numbers. MyFax, on the other hand, offers local and toll-free numbers in select countries so that you can use it to receive international faxes. 

Fax Broadcasting

MetroFax and MyFax have the same fax broadcasting abilities. They let you send faxes to up to 50 recipients simultaneously. This will suffice for small businesses that don’t have a large customer base. However, if you need to send a fax broadcast to hundreds, you will have to consider other faxing services.

Metrofax vs Myfax
Metrofax vs Myfax

MyFax and MetroFax Pricing

MetroFax’s subscription plans start at $9.96 per month, billed annually, for 550 pages. It includes mobile apps and fax broadcasting features regardless of your chosen subscription. As an alternative to MyFax, the fax service is notably cheaper, allowing you to send and receive more pages. Plus, it offers a 14-day free trial. 

At almost the same price point, MyFax‘s plans start at $10.00 per month when billed annually. Note that you can only send and receive up to 100 fax pages for this price. All plans include the faxing features discussed above. You can also avail of its 3-day trial for free.

Email to Fax

Aside from mobile apps, MetroFax and MyFax also support email-to-fax, so you can easily send a fax from your email. Both services allow you to send faxes from various email platforms, including Gmail and Outlook.

Metrofax vs Myfax
Metrofax vs Myfax

Mobile Fax Capabilities

Both MetroFax and MyFax support mobile faxing through Android and iOS apps. However, the apps these services provide need newer updates to avoid causing security risks to users. 

MetroFax’s last update for its Android app was in 2022. Its iOS app, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten any new updates since 2021. MyFax provides better support in terms of mobile faxing.

Team Collaboration

If you’re running your business with a team, MetroFax and MyFax are suitable online fax solutions. MetroFax lets you add up to five users per account and up to five receivers per account with no additional cost. 

Meanwhile, MyFax has a Share with Five feature that lets you share your faxes with up to five users. The advantage of its system is that you can allow your team to access your faxes with restrictions. 

Share with Five also lets you share faxes with your own email accounts. This feature is handy when using different email accounts for work and personal. However, if you still want to use MetroFax as a MyFax alternative, you can simply use a different email account for your faxes and get the same results. 

Metrofax vs Myfax
Metrofax vs Myfax

Which Fax Service is better?

Comparing MetroFax and MyFax is tricky, as both are significantly similar in features and functionality. However, after careful review, it’s noticeable that MyFax’s more expensive plans offer better faxing features. You can enjoy updated mobile apps, live customer support, international numbers, and a longer list of supported file formats.

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