mFax vs FaxPlus comparison

mFax vs FaxPlus

The main difference between mFax and FaxPlus is the availability of HIPAA compliance. Both will sign a BAA for HIPAA compliance, but it depends on your chosen plan. mFax signs a BAA even if you get the lowest tier, while FaxPlus limits it to Enterprise users.

mFax and FaxPlus Comparison

FaxPlus vs mFax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Mobile Apps

eSignature Tool

Number Porting


Enterprise Plan only





Starts with Basic Plan




mFax vs FaxPlus

In this mFax vs FaxPlus comparison, it becomes clear that while both offer almost the same features, one benefits smaller teams while the other leans more towards serving larger organizations.


mFax utilizes AES 256-bit and TLS 1.2 encryption for data at rest and in transit. It also uses secure HTTPS connections for its web interface and APIs. Plus, it has two-factor authentication (2FA) available for all users and has account-level user access permission controls. It also employs advanced tracking, reporting, and audit trails. This fax service houses its servers in state-of-the-art SSAE16-secured facilities. 

Meanwhile, FaxPlus has stringent security features that are at par with mFax. Aside from 256-bit AES encryption, it supports TLS 1.3, which is faster and more secure than TLS 1.2. The fax service also utilizes an n-tier security architecture with multiple layers of protection. Plus, it uses a CDN network capacity that’s 15x more extensive than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded.

HIPAA Compliance

mFax boasts of being a HIPAA-compliant fax platform that also adheres to other industry regulations like HITECH. It is specially designed for healthcare organizations handling sensitive information and combines robust security features to ensure privacy and protection.

As an alternative to mFax, FaxPlus boasts of HIPAA compliance along with other regulatory certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and GDPR. It goes through third-party audits to adhere to the highest regulatory standards.

FaxPlus and mFax are both willing to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with their clients since a signed BAA is a HIPAA must-have.

Device Applications

FaxPlus gives you multiple platforms to send and receive faxes. Your options aren’t limited to its desktop and mobile apps. With it, you can fax directly from email or Google applications. Meanwhile, its Zapier integration makes it a lot easier to incorporate fax functionalities into other software and platforms. Its flexibility and versatility make it a convenient choice for anyone wanting a seamless online faxing process.

As an alternative to FaxPlus, mFax also provides multiple options to access its faxing functionalities. You can transform your phone or tablet into a fax machine by installing its app on your Android or iOS device. Or, you can leverage its email-to-fax feature to fax using your preferred email client. You can also use its traditional web portal or print-to-fax option to make faxing from any desktop application as simple as printing. 

mFax vs FaxPlus


eSignatures have become a convenient feature that most modern online faxing solutions now have. mFax and FaxPlus don’t disappoint since both support this useful functionality. FaxPlus lets you digitally sign faxes from within its iOS and Android apps. You can do this by inserting a handwritten signature or signing by checkmark. You don’t need to install a third-party solution for electronic signatures.

While mFax offers eSignatures, it does so via its sister application, mSign. You must set up and access this third-party eSignature software to create, upload, and manage your signatures. It’s also worth noting that mSign has separate pricing, so you’ll need to consider the additional cost of signing documents.

Fax Number Porting

FaxPlus supports fax number porting, and it’s for free. Still, there’s a catch. You must subscribe to either its Premium or Enterprise plan first. Or, if you want to start anew and leave your old fax number behind, you can set up a new local or toll-free number. Vanity numbers are also available, but you must pay $19.99 per number.

The FaxPlus alternative, mFax, gives you one free fax number with your plan. But it lets you keep your own fax number and will submit the porting application on your behalf. Porting will cost you $15, and you’ll have to wait for 7 to 10 business days.

Pricing and Plans

mFax offers three paid plans beginning at $29 per month, that’s good for 500 pages and 5 users. Extra users are $4.00 each, and excess pages are $0.08 each. This plan is great for small teams and is already HIPAA-compliant. It also has a Business plan at $59 per month for 1,000 pages and 15 users. Meanwhile, its Enterprise plan is $119 monthly and is suitable for 2,500 pages and 50 users. If this is not enough, you can opt for a customized solution with unlimited pages and unlimited users. 

FaxPlus has four pricing tiers, with the lowest at $6.99 monthly for 200 pages and 1 user. However, this isn’t HIPAA-compliant since the service will only sign a BAA when you get the Enterprise plan. The Enterprise package costs $79.99 monthly for 4,000 pages and unlimited users. Extra pages cost $0.03. 

mFax vs FaxPlus

Comparing mFax and FaxPlus: Which Is Better?

mFax and FaxPlus are both secure and HIPAA-compliant platforms with great features. Regardless of your choice, you can fax conveniently using your computer, phone, or tablet. It frees you from the hassle of setting up a fax machine and connecting to a dedicated fax line. 

Still, based on this comparison, mFax stands out as a more cost-effective choice if you need a HIPAA-compliant solution while on a set budget. Otherwise, if you foresee faxing thousands of pages monthly, FaxPlus offers a better option. You can opt for its Enterprise plan with customized pricing capable of letting you send faxes in high volumes. And its built-in eSignature feature enables you to sign faxes at no additional cost.

The Best FaxPlus and mFax Alternative

Both mFax and FaxPlus are excellent options, but if you want to balance cost, HIPAA compliance, and scalability, there’s a better alternative. iFax is a HIPAA-compliant online faxing solution that lets you fax thousands of pages cheaper than FaxPlus and mFax. 

Whether you fax occasionally or in large volumes, you can depend on our service to deliver your faxes quickly and effortlessly. You can also set up shared team inboxes or launch fax broadcasts for a more efficient faxing workflow.

If you want a secure fax service that grows with your business, choose iFax. 

Check out its affordable plans today.

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