sfax vs metrofax

Sfax vs MetroFax

The main difference between Sfax and MetroFax is its HIPAA compliance and pricing structure. Sfax is undoubtedly HIPAA-compliant, although it costs five times more than MetroFax. Meanwhile, MetroFax may be cheaper but offers no assurance to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Sfax and MetroFax Comparison

MetroFax vs Sfax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance


Fax Broadcasting













Sfax vs MetroFax

When comparing Sfax and MetroFax, you must look at the following key features:


Sfax has excellent security protocols, combining 256-bit TLS encryption for transmitted data and SSAE16 Type-2 compliance for data stored at its data centers. It also offers two-factor authentication and one-time or 30-day PINs to restrict unauthorized access to private accounts.

Metrofax also provides secure and encrypted fax deliveries, guaranteeing nearly 100% uptime, but it doesn’t support two-factor authentication. Also, it is yet to specify if it’s using industry-standard encryption like 256-bit AES.

User Experience

MetroFax has an outdated web interface with a clunky design that could make users think of it as less reliable and user-friendly. You can’t drag and drop attachments, rename faxes, or see fax image previews. The mobile app also has the same outdated look. However, it still offers a decent online fax experience, with faxes arriving within minutes.

The MetroFax alternative, Sfax, also has an interface that can be off-putting for specific users. It could even lead them to think that the service hasn’t been keeping up with the latest technology trends. However, it comes with a unified dashboard where you can connect all your accounts and manage every fax message received and sent. It also has an easily accessible sidebar, giving access to different settings and options like your complete list of contacts.

HIPAA Compliance

Sfax is created for healthcare professionals and prioritizes HIPAA compliance. They conduct ongoing HIPAA training and perform employee background checks. Sfax is also willing to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with its customers and clients.

Unfortunately, MetroFax doesn’t clearly state if it complies with relevant regulations like HIPAA. There’s no mention on its website about its security protocols, which can be a concern if you need to transmit patient-sensitive information. 


Sfax supports digital signatures and provides complete audit trails for each signed document. You don’t have to leave the app to affix electronic signatures to faxed documents, preventing tampering and signature fraud.

MetroFax, on the other hand, does not include this particular functionality. You must use a third-party app to add legally binding digital signatures to each fax document.

Sfax vs MetroFax

API and Developer Support

Sfax lets you fax directly from your EMR, EHR, CRM, or other software applications with its API support. This allows for effortless and seamless data transfers. 

MetroFax also has API support. However, it restricts faxing to regions outside of Canada and the US. This can be a hindrance if you have a global customer base.

Fax Broadcasting

You can use MetroFax to send faxes to up to 50 multiple recipients simultaneously through its online dashboard or via email. 

Sfax offers the same but it gets quite expensive due to its pricing structure. If you’re fax broadcasting to hundreds, you’d want to consider other faxing alternatives.

Team Management

Sfax has convenient features for business use. You can add unlimited users to your accounts and assign team leaders to act as administrators and control their user permissions. You can also monitor account activity from an admin dashboard.

MetroFax lets you add up to five users per account using their email addresses. However, it lacks account management or permission features. You can only indicate whether users will get notified of any incoming faxes.

Fax Numbers

When you sign up, MetroFax assigns you a local or toll-free number to send and receive faxes. If you have an existing fax number, you can also port it by contacting their support team. 

Likewise, Sfax provides local and toll-free numbers and allows number porting for a $10 one-time fee.

Pricing and Plans

MetroFax offers three budget-friendly plans. The lowest tier is good for 550 pages and is priced at $9.96 per month for an annual plan. Bigger teams can get the Professional Plan for 3000 pages, priced at $31.63 monthly for a yearly plan. All plans come with free activation and setup and any excess pages will be charged $0.03 per page. There are no fixed-term contracts. You can cancel your subscription without the termination fee. You can also send long-distance faxes anywhere within Canada and the US without additional charges.

Sfax also has three pricing tiers plus an enterprise option. However, the lowest tier is $29 monthly for only 350 pages. If you need HIPAA compliance, you should get its Plus tier, which costs $49 monthly with 700 fax pages.

Sfax vs MetroFax

Comparing Sfax vs Metrofax

If budget is your deciding factor for getting an online faxing solution, then there’s no question that MetroFax is the better choice. For only $9.96 per month, you can already fax 550 pages and access all of its features. However, while it boasts secure faxing, there’s no clear indication whether the said fax service is HIPAA-compliant. 

Meanwhile, Sfax was built with healthcare professionals in mind and offers HIPAA-compliant faxing with its specific plans. And though you need to pay more for such a feature, you can be guaranteed to meet the requirements set by HIPAA for safeguarding sensitive health data. With this price, you also get better options for team management. Plus, you can leverage its API to integrate faxing into existing CRM, EMR, or EHR systems.

iFax: An Excellent Alternative to MetroFax and Sfax

If you are looking for a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Sfax and MetroFax, there’s always iFax. It’s a secure online faxing solution with eSignature capabilities, fax broadcasting, military-grade security, mobile faxing, and team collaboration. Best of all, it’s only $25 per month for 1000 pages, giving you the best value for money. 

Sign up now to see how iFax can seamlessly integrate faxing into your existing workflows.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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