Incoming Fax

Take control of your inbound faxes.

Track and manage your incoming faxes for increased accessibility

Enable fax notifications to stay on top of every inbound transmission

Easily group and organize your faxes to suit your business needs

Incoming Fax


Receive incoming faxes directly to your digital inbox
for instant accessibility.

Incoming Fax

Stay informed with real-time notifications for each incoming fax

Missing faxes have become a thing of the past as you can have more than 1 way to see every incoming fax.

Tailor your alert preferences with various fax notifications, including SMS, emails, and push notifications. This ensures prompt responses to incoming faxes, eliminating the need for documents to linger in your inbox for extended periods. Simplify your paperwork management and alleviate stress with our convenient notification system.

Streamline inbound fax management for efficiency.

Storing inbound faxes in the cloud may pose challenges in locating specific documents, especially amid a high daily transmission volume. iFax resolves this with smart folders, allowing you to create customized folders for organized categorization.

Whether grouping by date, sender, or topic, this feature ensures an efficient and accessible way to manage your incoming faxes.

Incoming Fax
Incoming Fax

Unlimited options for incoming fax organization

Customize the organization of your incoming faxes by changing their status. In your Inbox, mark faxes as “Done” to indicate completed actions, whether they’re responses or fulfillments of requests. Once the status is updated, faxes seamlessly move from the Inbox to the designated “Done” folder, conveniently located below your Inbox on the dashboard.

Simplify your incoming fax management with intuitive features.
iFax offers an extensive suite of features that can help you create a more organized paperwork workflow.