What Is Acumen EHR?

What Is Acumen EHR?

Acumen Physician Solutions is known for creating clinical tools, like Acumen nEHR, to help nephrology practices thrive in today’s increasingly modern healthcare approaches. They have headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, with development offices in North Carolina and Virginia. 
Their tools are built by nephrologists, ensuring that fellow specialists have access to intuitive interfaces to ease their workflows. 

Let’s take a deep dive into the Acumen EHR software and discover its uses.

acumen ehr system

What Is Acumen EHR?

Acumen EHR is a web-based EHR platform that gives nephrologists convenient and rapid access to organized patient data anytime, anywhere. Its developer has partnered with dialysis organizations, hospitals, laboratory systems, practice management systems, HIEs, and vascular access centers to expedite patient treatment information access, storage, and dissemination. 

The Acumen EHR system has two core products:

  1. Acumen Epic Connect
  2. Acumen Nephrologixx

Acumen Epic Connect harnesses the power of Epic’s EHR system, which offers extensive interoperability, a comprehensive practice management system, and a robust patient portal. This gives nephrologists access to powerful features like population health for renal patients, CKD (chronic kidney disease) management, and value-based care initiatives. 

Meanwhile, Acumen Nephrologixx enables you to gain financial and clinical data and insights to maximize your practice’s performance. You’ll get valuable insights to provide high-quality performance while reducing costs. 

What Is Acumen EHR?

Acumen EHR Software Features

Since Acumen EHR was built exclusively with nephrologists in mind, its many features reflect the evolving changes in the nephrology practice. 

  • Patient portal: The platform makes it easier for patients to access and share health records, appointment requests, and laboratory results from anywhere. Not only does it save time, but it also facilitates better communication with nephrology doctors and other medical specialists.
  • Clinical documentation: Quickly and accurately document patient visits in an easy-to-use interface and useful templates for common conditions. You can also create customized templates that fit your practice’s requirements.
  • CKD management: Create clinical workflows to help you monitor at-risk CKD patients and track their progress via dedicated dashboards.
  • Population health management: Improve clinical health outcomes using aggregated data from vaccine lists, medications, vital signs, and other CPOE (computerized provider order entry).
  • Interoperability: Powered by Epic, Acumen EHR can seamlessly transfer data between healthcare providers, pharmacies, laboratories, and insurers. This eliminates the costs and tedious effort of manual entry, preventing duplicated treatments due to communication breakdown. EHR interoperability ensures precise treatments at a lower cost because of the efficient medical information sharing.
  • Revenue cycle management: Ensure maximum financial optimization with Acumen EHR’s automated billing, coding, and collection tools. You’ll have an effortless system for your office to manage your finances.
  • Analytics and reporting: Monitor patient outcomes, utilization rates, and other key performance metrics that will help you identify areas for improvement and decide where to allocate resources. 
  • Automated alerts: Reduce infection risks and deliver vaccines promptly with automated notifications about a patient’s immunization deadlines.
What Is Acumen EHR?

How Does Acumen EHR Work

The Acumen EHR system is built on a secure database with encrypted connections. It’s a comprehensive EHR tool that’s ONC-ATCB certified, CCHIT certified, and HIPAA compliant. It uses an application service provider (ASP) paradigm to offer a cloud-based interface that’s connected with various Acumen partners.

You can log in to your account and access patient medical records as long as your device has Internet access. Setting up an account requires a subscription to a paid plan.

Acumen EHR Pricing

Acumen EHR is priced differently depending on your organization, and you need to contact them to get an accurate quote for your needs. They don’t offer a free version or a free trial, but you can watch a demo of their software. You can also sign up and use all of their software’s features risk-free since they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the app doesn’t meet your expectations.

You can watch training videos, read detailed instruction manuals, and access an online help center to get familiar with the product. There are also readily available Acumen experts who can readily cater to your questions and concerns.

Acumen EHR System: Use Cases

The Acumen EHR system is intended for nephrology practitioners but can also be used by other healthcare organizations needing a comprehensive and integrated solution. It helps doctors create and share patient notes quickly and within the tool. This eliminates the extra time and energy in writing and transcribing notes manually.

Acumen EHR also helps reduce unpaid bills since patients are notified of any outstanding bills and reminded of their next installment. This facilitates a smooth experience since patients can conveniently pay their bills before any upcoming appointments.

The Acumen EHR software eases the burden of administrative medical specialists since patients can directly see their lab results and other relevant details within their accounts in the patient portal. There’s also a calendar where patients can book appointments instantly.

Getting Started With Acumen EHR

Acumen is a household name, especially when it comes to nephrology software. You can’t go wrong when you join the vast number of physicians who trust Acumen EHR for their patient management needs. In 2023, Acumen celebrated five million patient charts entered into the platform, a testament to their EHR software’s popularity.

If you’re interested in trying Acumen EHR, it’s best to reach out to one of their sales specialists for a custom quote. While there’s no free trial, they can give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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