Fax Dashboard

Streamline fax management in one place

Seamlessly navigate with our intuitive fax dashboard

Take full control of online fax settings and features

View and manage incoming and outgoing faxes

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Fax Dashboard


Consolidate all your faxing activities to one
user-friendly dashboard

Fax Dashboard

Say goodbye to fax management hassles

iFax’s comprehensive dashboard allows you to effortlessly monitor and manage incoming and outgoing faxes in one user-friendly interface.

Our intuitive dashboard simplifies your business’s fax management journey, enabling seamless monitoring for enhanced efficiency.

Novice users can confidently send their first fax within minutes of creating their iFax account, while advanced users can tailor fax settings to match their workflow needs. 

iFax dashboard tools at your fingertips

Explore a suite of robust tools within the iFax dashboard that revolutionize your faxing experience:
  • Reports. Visualize incoming and outgoing faxes through graphical reports.
  • Email to Fax. Effortlessly fax from your native email app by simply clicking on this intuitive tool. 
  • Broadcast Fax. Manage contact lists seamlessly, creating, deleting, and editing them for efficient fax broadcasts.
  • Integrations & APIConnect your fax app with various applications through this easy-to-use drop-down menu.
  • Receive Fax by EmailTrigger webfax setup, enabling you to create branded fax pages for easy customer access.
Available tools in the iFax dashboard
Fax Dashboard

Mastering your fax dashboard for efficient monitoring

  • Inbox: Offers a complete view of your incoming and outgoing faxes.

  • New Fax button: Provides a quick way to send a fax.

  • Search Bar: Simplifies the process of looking for a specific document.

  • Done Tab: Allows you to see the faxes you have opened and marked as confirmed.

  • Folders: Contain labeled files connected to cloud storage for syncing and backup.

  • Team: Lets you add new users, create user group permissions, and activate single sign-on for team members.

  • Scheduled: Let you see all faxes that are set to be sent at a later time.

  • Labels: Allow you to group similar faxes with a name that makes it easy to find.

  • Contacts: This lets you see a detailed view of all fax numbers you have saved.

  • Fax Numbers: This lets you manage your fax numbers or assign them to team members.

  • Knowledge Base: Helps you quickly find answers to your questions.

  • Support: Let you talk to any available live agent.

One dashboard monitor for every fax activity
With the iFax online fax dashboard, fax management is as easy as checking emails.