Fax Data Export

Effortlessly migrate or download your fax data.

Extract information about your online faxing activities

Transfer important data without the complex process

Create backup files to prevent data loss

Automate fax-related tasks to improve document workflow

Fax Export: Download and Migrate Fax Data and Reports


Take control of your vital information with a touch of a button.

Optimize business processes with fax data management

Having the ability to gain valuable insights about your online faxing activities can help you improve your workflow. With the right data, it’s easier to identify areas in your processes that need improvement and helps you make more informed business decisions.

Luckily, with iFax, you can get hold of this data in just a few clicks. Our fax report shows your team’s online fax usage, particularly the volume of incoming and outgoing faxes. You can download compatible file formats like CSV and PDF, which you can save to your hard drive or a cloud-based platform for safekeeping.

Generate and export fax data

Data export is available on the iFax web app. Users with admin or a manager role can view complete reports and export them.

  1. Open the main dashboard and click the Reports under Tools in the left panel.
  2. You will see the graph indicating the number of faxes sent in a specific period.
  3. Click the Export button in the upper-right corner of the dashboard. You will receive the CSV file in your device.

iFax allows you to export fax data as a CSV file. This format is compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Extract data with OCR

iFax is built with a powerful OCR functionality that can convert extracted fax information into editable fields. With iFax, you can replicate standard fields in a scanned physical document, so you no longer have to create them from scratch.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the main dashboard and click Settings found in the bottom left panel.
  2. Click General, and then select the OCR & Data Export tab.
  3. Click Convert Existing Faxes.
Get access to essential information via fax data export.
Learn more about your online faxing activities and make data-driven decisions.