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Online Fax Configuration: Update Your Fax Sending Options

Configuring your fax settings allows you to fax documents conveniently with the best possible output. You don’t have to stress over blurry images or unreadable texts. You can also expedite faxing and ensure that each transmission meets your ever-changing needs and requirements.

Best of all, online fax configuration is pretty straightforward on the iFax dashboard. Even a first-time user can figure out how each setting works.

Online Fax Configuration Made Easy With iFax

You don’t need advanced technical skills to adjust the fax setup to your specifications. Here are the fax setup options that you can freely configure:

Adjusting the fax image quality

  1. From your iFax dashboard, click New Fax > Compose Fax.
  2. Upload your document. Once uploaded, click the drop-down option for adjusting fax quality at the top of the compose window (as shown in the image below).

3. Choose any of these three options: basic, standard, and fine.

Note: Adjusting the fax image quality may incur additional charges. Prices may vary depending on the recipient’s country. To get an estimate of how much it will cost per page, go to Account Settings > Preferences. Under Quality, select your recipient’s country. You may view the price per page for basic, standard, and fine faxes on the drop-down menu.

5 practical tips for optimizing fax quality

Various factors, such as the document format and design, may affect fax quality. The following tips will help ensure that your faxes are clear and legible:

1. Choose an easy-to-read font style

Avoid using serif fonts or any font with extra or decorative strokes. It’s better to use legible fonts like Verdana since they are easy on the eyes. By doing so, you are also making it easier for recipients to digitize the contents of your fax, especially if they are using automation tools like optical character recognition (OCR).

2. Use the right font size

When sending a fax, you will want a font size that is large enough for anyone to read but still small enough to fit plenty of information on a single page. Set the font size to 14px or 16px, which won’t strain readers’ eyes. Your recipients will thank you.

3. Upload documents in black and white

Faxing documents in black and white will help preserve some elements that may not appear clear in grayscale, which is a range of shades without any apparent color. Take note that even if you upload a colored document, iFax will automatically convert it to monochrome.

4. Use the right orientation

Before you upload a document, double-check and see that its orientation has been set to portrait instead of landscape.

5. Set the fax quality to “Fine” for photos

Faxing in the highest quality can save you from the hassle of resending blurred faxes, especially when you fax photos in JPG or PNG format. Otherwise, your recipient may have trouble recognizing some elements in a faxed image.

Changing the caller ID for outgoing fax

  1. Click New Fax > Compose Fax.
  2. Click the three dots icon at the top-right of the Compose window.

3. From the drop-down list, hover over the Caller ID option.

4. Set your desired Outbound Fax Caller ID. Our web app will automatically save the changes you made.

You can update the caller ID based on how many fax numbers you own. This way, it will be easier for recipients to decide whether to accept or reject the message based on the fax number shown.

Choosing the default paper size

  1. After clicking Compose Fax, click the three dots icon at the top-right corner of the compose window.
  2. Select Page Size.

3. Set the paper size to Letter or A4.

4. Alternatively, you can go to Account Settings > General > Preferences.

5. Select your desired paper size under Page Options.

Setting up a fax cover page

By default, our app will include a fax cover letter page (or cover sheet) in your fax message. If you want to change this setting, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click the cog or setting icon from your iFax web dashboard.
  2. Go to General > Preferences.

3. Under Fax Content, you will see a toggle switch next to the Cover page option. Click it to display or hide the cover sheet.

Don’t worry. Even if you choose not to include a cover page by default, you can still add one every time you send a new fax. Simply click the menu (three dots) icon from the compose window and select Add Cover Page. Our app will automatically place the fax cover sheet at the top.

Including a transmission receipt

A transmission receipt serves as proof that your fax has been successfully delivered. With iFax, you can include or exclude a copy of the transmission receipt in the email confirmation message.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Navigate to General > Preferences.


3. Go to the section for Fax Content.

4. Click the toggle switch next to Include transmission receipt.

That’s it.

Setting up faxes for automatic deletion

iFax has a setting that allows you to automatically delete outgoing and incoming faxes based on a set interval.

Here’s how you can get it done:

  1. Go to your account settings by clicking the gear icon from the left panel of your dashboard.
  2. Select General > Preferences.

3. Scroll down to Auto-Delete.

4. From there, set your preferred intervals for auto-deleting sent and received faxes.

5. You can set the interval to 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or Never. The changes made will be automatically applied to your account.

Enabling or disabling the success message pop-up

By default, you will see fireworks right after sending a fax message. If you want to disable this graphical notification, simply go to your account settings and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to General > Preferences.

2. Scroll down to Fireworks.

3. Click the toggle switch next to Display fireworks after fax sent.

Time zone

Setting the correct time zone can help ensure that your faxes will be delivered promptly. The time zone you selected will also affect the time and date shown on your transmission receipts. Therefore, you must configure this setting correctly.

To do so, you will need to:

  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Click General, then select Preferences.


3. Under Time Zone, scroll through the menu, then select your location or country.

There you have it. Updating your fax settings or account preferences on iFax takes no less than a few minutes to complete. Not only will this save you time, but you can also apply the necessary optimization options to meet your client’s demands.

Update Your Fax Settings to Optimize Your Workflow

Learning how to configure your fax setup only takes minutes with iFax. Our online fax service offers an effortless way to update your fax transmission preferences. Experience the convenience of online fax configuration and have your faxes delivered exactly how you like it.

See for yourself and discover how you can achieve maximum efficiency by switching to online faxing. Create an account to get started. You may also request a free demo and a member of our team will get back to you.

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