Personalized Fax

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Personalized Fax


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Personalized Fax

Personalize content in a fax broadcast

Streamline your communication by sending a single fax to multiple recipients without compromising personalization. Our advanced mail merge feature allows you to customize each fax message for individual recipients within the same broadcast. Experience the efficiency of secure mass faxing while simplifying your outreach and making a lasting impression with personalized faxes for every contact.

How to personalize content in fax broadcasts

Streamline your fax broadcasting process by leveraging custom fields to add dynamic content effortlessly. Here’s how you can do it seamlessly on iFax:

  1. Log into Your iFax Dashboard: Access your iFax account through the user-friendly dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Tools and Select Broadcast Fax: Find the “Broadcast Fax” option under Tools in the dashboard.
  3. Create a New Broadcast List: You can choose to start with an empty list or import existing contacts from a CSV file.
  4. Add Additional Information: If manually creating a list, click “Add Field” to input extra details like gender, location, and email addresses for your contacts.
  5. Expand Your Recipient List: Continue adding contacts by selecting “Add Recipient” and save your updated list.
  6. Initiate Fax Sending: Hover over your updated list and click “Send Fax” to start the process.
  7. Compose Your Message: Type your message, attach PDF documents, and utilize the drag-and-drop feature for custom fields in your document.
  8. Save and Send: After arranging your content, click “Save” and “Send” to dispatch your personalized fax broadcasts efficiently.
Personalized Fax
Personalized Fax

Sending fax broadcast with custom cover page

Add an extra touch to your fax broadcasts with any of our custom cover pages in these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your iFax dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings, then navigate to General > Fax Templates.
  3. Click Default Template and customize the page to your liking.
  4. Scroll through the list of available cover sheet templates. Select the one that you like.
  5. To add your company logo, HIPAA badge, and HIPAA disclaimer, activate the toggle switch next to them.
  6. To upload a logo, click Edit and select the file.
  7. Once you’ve applied all the necessary changes, click Update.

You may also add more custom fax cover pages if you need more than one. Just click New Template.

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