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How to cancel or reschedule a fax broadcast

Suppose you have forgotten something and want to make changes to your scheduled fax broadcast. To reschedule or cancel the fax broadcast, here’s how to do it:

  1. View your faxes on your dashboard.
  2. Hover over the scheduled fax broadcast you wish to revise.
  3. Select your preferred action: reschedule, cancel, or send now.
iFax Knowledge Base: cancel or reschedule a fax broadcast

How do you know that you’ve successfully scheduled or rescheduled a fax? A snack bar will appear, confirming that your action has been completed. Whether it’s a single standard fax or bulk fax broadcast, iFax makes sure that your documents get to the right people without any delay.

Retargeting failed Recipients

If after you sent out a fax blast, there are contacts who did not receive them, they will automatically be categorized in failed list which you can easily access and rebroadcast to by selecting “Resend Failed”. 

fax broadcast

You can also choose to delete those contacts permanently by selecting “Delete Failed from List”

You no longer have to sort through each contact list to confirm who received your broadcast.

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