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Connect with your local community via fax. Receive faxes with a local fax number that fits your business.

Get a Local Fax Number

Choose your own
area code

Establish a stronger business presence with a fax number that can help you connect better with local customers and clients.

Receive fax
without a phone line

Save big on faxing costs with a local fax number that you can instantly activate without connecting to an existing telephone line.

Manage incoming faxes with zero downtime

Receive and manage incoming faxes from anywhere without worrying about delays or failed transmissions due to machine errors and busy lines.

Get a Local Fax Number

Easy setup

Select your desired country, area code, and local fax number in a few clicks.

Get a Local Fax Number

Instant activation

Eliminate the hassle with a local fax number that you can process and activate immediately.


Customized fax plans

Route incoming faxes efficiently by setting up multiple fax numbers for different teams and departments.


Branded company fax page

Provide customers a professional way to communicate with a company fax page that works 24/7.

Get a Local Fax Number

Multiple area code options

Select from multiple area codes based on your country and choose the one that best fits your location.

Get a Local Fax Number

Secure and HIPAA-compliant

Protect fax transmissions with 256-bit AES and other security measures that meet HIPAA requirements.

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Why get a local fax number from iFax?

iFax is an online fax service that lets you receive faxes online with a local fax number that you can activate without a fax machine or phone line. Our regulatory-compliant online fax solutions can help your business achieve the local presence it needs. 

Whether you are in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, setting up a local fax number will only take a few minutes. You can also send and receive faxes from anywhere using only your mobile phone or computer.

How to get a local fax number online

With iFax, you can immediately set up and activate a local fax number by following these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an iFax account.
  2. Choose the Plus or Pro plan, or contact our sales team for custom plans tailored to your high-volume faxing requirements.
  3. Select the country, area code, and local fax number you want.
how to activate a local fax number online

The easiest way to get a free local fax number for your business

No phone lines or fax machines needed. iFax offers a fast, cost-effective, and convenient way to set up a
dedicated fax number for your local business.
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Get a Local Fax Number
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Get a Local Fax Number

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Frequently Asked Questions

A local fax number helps your business establish trust and credibility in a particular area or community. It typically has the same area code as your business phone number and is usually followed by a 7-digit local number, such as (890) 123-4567.

This unique number lets you receive faxes from clients in the same area or city. It also enables you to route your incoming faxes appropriately, especially if your business has multiple departments or locations.

Getting a local fax number by setting up a dedicated phone line can be costly. If your goal is to save on costs and minimize your business expenses, the best option is to look for ways to set up a local fax number for free.

The good news is you can easily do this by choosing an online fax service like iFax. 

iFax’s affordable and flexible pricing plans already include a free fax number that you can activate immediately after signup. For a fixed monthly fee, you can also get additional local fax numbers and assign them to different teams or departments.

Faxing locally follows the same standard process. With traditional faxing, you begin by dialing the recipient’s area code, followed by the local fax number. You would then need to insert the documents into the machine with the cover page on the top of the stack and hit send.

Online faxing, however, has eliminated the need to use a fax machine or connect to a phone line. It benefits local businesses by providing a way for customers and colleagues to send and receive faxes using any phone or computer connected to the Internet.

The cost of sending a local fax varies depending on the method and service used. For instance, faxing locally from Staples would cost you $1.79 for the first page. 

If you want to save on faxing costs and free yourself from the hassle of looking for a nearby fax machine, it’s best to switch to online faxing.

Online fax services like iFax offer the cheapest local faxing rates, costing only as low as 1¢ per page.